Saddest Song You Know

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Genesis, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Maybe not the saddest song I've heard but still somber nonetheless.
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    Ya'll shouldn't be suprised I'm saying something from them lol.
    I honestly can rarely listen to this song. I have severe issues with my abusive mother and a lot of hurt feelings. (mommy issues, basically)
    this song just...gets me. And the sorrow you hear from the voice and guitars just hits a spot in me. Can't listen without crying lol

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    Another one by the Youtube algorithm
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    I doubt there exists a technique song that's not in some way fucked up lol
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    some low tier sadboy songs being posted here

    probably the saddest album of all time if you know the back story
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  12. The saddest song I know is not a song, but rather, a piece of music. (A song is sung, a piece is played (on an instrument.))

    With Every Winter's Breath is a piece of music composed by Randall Standridge, in memory of Maddie Milner, who was a trumpet player at Bayfield CO High school and had died in a skiiing accident in her freshman year.

    It is a bit harder to appreciate and acknowledge the sadness of this piece if you are not familiar with concert band music, but nonetheless I will post it for those who do want to listen.
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