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    smithing = useless have to be level 99 to smith a rune platebody? Lul.

    flecthing = useless can't fletch any good bows

    rcing = cancer
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    Do diaries pleb
  3. Euh, Didn't know this had a thread.

    Lemme see.


    I have no pictures unfortunately.

    Rs3, I might have a few pictures but they aren't recent, they're more like 6-12 months ago.

    Here's 2014: I got my first 99 cape:

    I think i got a 2016 here, i dont think i got anything more recent..

    asap my phone charges i'll do a new one.

    Ah here we are:

    I'm muted for 3 years or so due to I entered the wrong information, when a birth of age came up:

    here's my 2018 stats rn:
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    After months, and months, and thousands of trees I finally got 99 farming.


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    Working my way to the QMC. I'll get there one day, I swear...

    I only started playing again recently so my Invention is very low - haven't had the chance to properly focus on it yet. It wasn't out yet when I last played. :coffee:
  6. upload_2018-6-22_23-53-41.png
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    resurrected with something to grace the graveyard this is this forum

    to anyone who doesnt know

    it's the ending to Dragon Slayer 2 the hardest quest in the game.
  8. Since that's from May, Here's current stats of rs3 account main:
  9. [​IMG]

    Sorry for bumping old thread, but it's a continuation of sorts. This will be my last post I sweure.