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Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by Indy226, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Indy226

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    So ive noticed that either some rules contridict eachother or arent very well defined so...
    Why cant lead admins change them or define them at anytime for convenience?
  2. dazza

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    they can ... rule changes and modifications happen a lot, both in the background (staff protocols and how things are handled) and in the foreground (check extended rules, theres a post with a changelog ... if the changelog ever gets updated...) but if you are expecting paci or scuffed to sit there and re-write the rules so that everyone can understand them 100% then you must believe magical unicorns exist.

    Theres always a battle going on behind the scenes to work on the rules but no matter what you do you can never make them perfect and there will always be ways for people to work around them, however you are more than welcome to make suggestions for any rules you can think need a specific change/definition and if its one that the administration agrees needs looking at (yes the admins usually have a say too when it comes to rules clarification talks) then your suggestion may be considered :shrug:
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  3. Pacifist

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    dazza is correct here. If you have any suggestions, go ahead and make a suggestion. Being overly vague like "some rules contridict eachother or arent very well defined so..." does not help us.

    We can make changes, though we still need the owner's approval for massive changes. He has a vision for this community, and any rule that doesn't fit that probably wont make it through. I'd rather avoid those problems outright, so these changes take longer to verify.
  4. Indy226

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    I don't believe in Unicorns i believe in land narwhals. I don't expect them to rewrite the rules so 100% of people can understand them. Im just saying that for convenience they should rewrite them when issues arise and as you stated i didn't know there was ninjas behind the scene so thanks for the answer.
  5. Indy226

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    Im saying all rules that do contridict eachother or aren't clearly defined. I cant think of a few unless they happen so that's what i mean