[Rule Clarification] Toxic gameplay (& Bounties)

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by Siddo, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Siddo

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    There is currently no explicit mention of or clause regarding bounties.
    Nor is there any core definition of what constitutes toxic gameplay, despite being mentioned in relation to other rules and being punishable.

    Staff and people who have been playing here for a long time generally know what toxic gameplay is and how it is handled. But we don't have anywhere to point to in the rules to justify or clarify the concept of toxic gameplay.
    Anyway, both surface as an issue from time to time, so I think they should be addressed in the rules. Especially toxic gameplay.

    EDIT: In my rush to finish this on my break, I worded this poorly and said it as wanting an explicit "this is what toxic gameplay is".
    I don't want a literal black and white definition of what is and isn't toxic gameplay, but I want a paragraph to give it standing in the rules, rather than just being mentioned vaguely in relation to other offenses, see my reponse to Pacifist for example of loopholing and metagaming.
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  2. Pacifist

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    This has been suggested before, and the reason we don't have what is and isn't toxic is because the punishments for it are discretionary. We decide what is toxic. If we set something in stone we shoot ourselves in the foot because then we have to follow strict guidelines on an offense that is suppose to be open ended.
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  3. Siddo

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    I'm not asking for strict guidelines, though I didn't make that clear, my bad.
    I'm asking for something similar to the metagaming and loopholing portion (see below: )
    Like, really, just edit in and make it "Loopholing, Toxic gameplay, and Metagaming". But give a concrete mention of it.
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