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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Coin, May 15, 2020.

  1. Coin

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    I have always been a big fan of the genre, but since it is a very Indy based genre I am sure there are tons of games I have not heard from it. What are your favourite ones?

    I like Nuclear Throne because it has a very fast paced feel to it and even if you have to restart it never feels like you've lost much time

    Enter the gungeon has stolen so much of my life, I love the skill cap to it and learning all about it with all the hidden secrets.

    Streets of rogue is fun because it has such a different feel, you can take as much time as you like and never feel pressured into speed (unless you got the challenge level)

    The binding of isaac is what got me into the genre, I have stopped playing for the most part but I love all the interactions and synergies between items leaving every run unique.

    Mana spark just feels so much different then other games I have played, more stealth based with precise shots compared to run and gun.

    Blazing beaks is very similar to nuclear throne but the concept of picking up bad items to get good items later is interesting to me.

    Exit the gungeon is pretty new but I love the side view stationary platformer, and I love gungeon so this is just better because of that.

    Crypt of the necrodancer is new to me but so far it is such a cool idea that really just pulls you into the game.
  2. Moleman

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    Well my favorites are probably Enter the Gungeon and Dead Cells, but I also really like Streets of Rogue (been playing it since before it was even on steam) and Heat Signature, although I'm not sure if it totally counts.

    I do really recommend Heat Signature as it does a good job at rewarding player skill and you can get tons of hours of gameplay out of it.
  3. Silent Rebel

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    I've spent a decent amount of time in rogue legacy but it has a steep learning curve. I would recommend it to anyone who likes roguelites
  4. Vent Xekart

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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned FTL: Faster Than Light yet. I would highly recommend it and it's cousin Into The Breach as both have a number of roguelike features and mechanics.
  5. Coin

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    O shit forgot about that one, I've looked at into the breach but I prefer more real time reaction based over turn based like into the breach, def played a lot of ftl though.
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  6. TomGervais

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    Enter the gungeon-hate it and love it. A simulator of wrongly dodging a bullet that wasn't there and couldn't possibly hit me!
    Dead Cells-I can't forget the game. Each passage is very interesting and memorable.
    Magica-great game.
    Trine-Its really good game!(Played only 1-2.)
    Transistor-Why no one named that masterpiece?!!?!?!?!?Its not a rogue...But its great game....I cant forget it.I have very fond memories of this game.
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  7. Noctorious

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    I like Realm of the Mad God
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  8. Python~

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    Platformers > Rogue-lites
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  9. Coin

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    Just combine the two into stuff like Dungreed
  10. Good Vibesᶦⁿᶜ

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    Never played it. I'll probs try it out
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  11. Moleman

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    Theres like 12 games listed here which one are tou talking about
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  12. Good Vibesᶦⁿᶜ

    Good Vibesᶦⁿᶜ Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Nuclear thrones / issac
  13. TomCat™

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    Mana sparks is like, the most beautiful wax over the least interesting and barely functional object.
    It's great looking with a super shallow in gameplay loop, items, and especially the bosses. They are basically 'Learn this hyper-specific pattern, then do it repeatedly for 10 minutes because everything is a bullet sponge', which SOUNDS like it describes all Rouges, but- There are only like 4 bosses, they are always in the exact same place, and there was an expansion that added more content that I never played because the fifth boss I encountered had an AOE attack that covered the entire screen (Visually) making it literally impossible to tell where the next 'safe' part of the screen and it spams that attack so rapidly you don't even have time to act upon the pattern unless you know it already and was and I was doing fucking awesome that run and I'm still mad about it.

    If you want a change of pacing from tradition rouges, Tower of Guns- while outdated- is a great rogue FPS. I could spend an entire day doing an infinite run.
    Immortal Redneck, while not my personal favorite, is also pretty solid.
  14. Vent Xekart

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    No love for Risk Of Rain or Risk Of Rain 2? For shame...
  15. Coin

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    fuck huntress, all my homies hate the crutch
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  16. tz-

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