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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by CorallocinB, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. CorallocinB

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    Considering my appeal was overlooked, put off, ignored, or everyone is just too busy or whatever the reason may be it was never resolved during the 24 hour period, I will be filing a report addressing the illegitimacy of this ban by @ant. and my arguments are listed below:

    - I was warned to stop talking about 2 reports, and I stopped that.
    - I was banned for harassing Spud when I was never warned for harassing Spud nor did he make it clear he was being harassed.
    - I was banned for "spreading negativity" which isn't a forum rule, furthermore was not spreading negativity I was constantly questioning Spud's take on harassment as seen in that report.
    - The only comment Spud made in this situation after the warning was a passive request to stop talking about it. He didnt even get involved until then and I was just rambling.
    - If Spud states he felt harassed in that appeal of mine, does that mean this ban is just? 100% disagree because I would agree the ban is just IF HE FELT AND MADE VERBALLY CLEAR he was harassed at the time of the ban. ant. nor I can read his mind and therefore how can I be banned for harassment when he clearly didn't state he was being harassed? Why was I banned for harassment without being WARNED to stop harassing? ant. decided he was being harassed and Spud even had a chance to make it clear he felt harassed but he made the passive request and not an affirmative statement that he was being harassed. The only time he was clearly harassed was when I called him a fragile boy, but now later on that's also harassment and I get banned for it without being warned? Remember: my only warning was to not discuss the reports. Spud never stated clearly he was being harassed after "fragile boy" and I wasn't warned for harsassment.

    All in all, ant. pulled the trigger on this ban way too quickly and was an extremely passive aggressive admin in this scenario expecting that I should stop saying what I was saying because I wasn't being "constructive" which is hilarious because how is that a new rule in shoutbox? To only make constructive comments? Whether regarding the reports or in general there's no denying I was warned once, stopped after that warning, continued to chat in SB, and was banned without any other warnings regarding my comments which were not at all directed towards the reports.

    For those who have any desire to comment on this report, please keep in mind I will only allow for staff members to comment on this report. Anyone else has no other pertinent information to add as it has been all given in my appeal. Considering my ban expired without any answers during this is turning into a report.

    any staffer who reads this you're free to "deny" my appeal and readdress the concern of that to this report.

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  2. neutral

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  3. ant.

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    Hello again @Robokiller87 ,

    I apologize for your report not being dealt with in a timely manner; please be patient with us as we are volunteers, we will get to it as soon as we can.

    All relevant information is already in the linked thread.
  4. DieKasta

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    Hey Robo,

    Sorry your appeal didn't get handled in the time frame you would have liked it to. If you can recall from our conversation earlier, I was aware of the appeal but never had the time to get on and actually thoroughly deal with it.

    Anyways, lets hop to it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So looking through these logs without any cutting details out, it looks like you kept instigating the situation even though you had been warned to drop it. There is no set protocol for disciplining users in the shoutbox. In my opinion, @ant. acted accordingly in order to keep things civilized. Please take this as a warning to not instigate drama in the shoutbox/forums in the future.

    Thanks for reporting.
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