Rewrite, or clarify the rule on pushing innocents in the pit on Innomotel.

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by neutral, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. neutral

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    Hey all,

    There's a bit of confusion on the pit on innomotel.

    Previously under the old administration, it was considered RDM to push a traitor or innocent in to the pit on innocent motel-- even though this is not lethal to traitors as this would commonly lead to "proving" a traitor out of pure luck. This decision was made after a discussion with the community, and a discussion within the staff team.

    @TangoFox was pretty vocal that this was an odd ruling, and without consulting the staff team or community, this rule was removed from he current iteration of the rules when he was removing some other contributions from the previous community members.

    I was surprised however by the recent Q&A: It seems that this rule is still being enforced regardless of the change.

    I asked @ryan for clarification and he mentioned that administration is considering the following rule (#2) as the cover for this.

    This is confusing for a couple of reasons:
    • Traitors, under normal circumstances, can not take damage from her pit making this rule null.
    • This does not list that the action would be RDM. Rather, it would be a traitorous act, which is different from RDM all together.
    If this rule is being enforced still, then I think there needs to be a rewrite of the rule. If ryan is spreading misinformation in the Q&A thread, then perhaps a clarification from @Teroxa will do.

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  2. Floof

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  3. DocFox

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    That didnt happen, but okay. Next time you make a suggestion, just keep it to a suggestion and try to be objective. If you think I said something regarding that rule, it wasn't regarding that rule and more than likely out of context.
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  4. neutral

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    I mean. I could get the logs, but I'm banned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not what this thread is about anyways.
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  5. Jabba the Slut

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    The previous rule also applied to the iron maidens on temple. Also, just so no one is confused, the rule didn't/doesn't apply to testers, as the tester does not auto-kill either party. There was some confusion on the part of some staffos in the past regarding this. (Love pushing AFKs in the tester on Lego, literally all I do when inno.)

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  6. Voca

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    Theoretically speaking though with the current ruling stating "Pushing someone where they "MAY" take damage. can be applied to the Pit as well, as there are times where you dont land in the water or perhaps land on another player that is already crouched in the water, or lets assume a T buddy is a dick and Placed a decoy in the landing water, so you do take damage when falling into the pit as a T. Then you will be responsible from the damge they take from the fall In Some very specific scenarios.

    +1 either way to at least change the wording a little so it doesnt cause confusion.
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  7. Rozboon

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    Whats so confusing about the wording? "Pushing them, by any means, somewhere they may take damage." Pushing someone into the pit kills them, all the pusher knows is the person is an Inno and is pushing them towards death.

    Either way you're ruining someones round by either killing an inno or forcing a T to get tested.

    @Lordyhgm Who told you it wasnt RDM? It's still in the rules and saying "Providing, of course, the innocent get lucky in their choice of a victim" is like saying "An inno who kills someone off of suspicion and gets lucky, isn't rdming"
    I thought you had me ignored, helix, lolpathetic
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  8. Dani

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    I had to re-write this post multiple times because I kept changing my mind about who is right about this.

    First of all, I gotta agree with Rozboon that the wording "Pushing them somewhere they may take damage" applies to this situation. A person who gets pushed into the pit does not necessarily, but may, take damage.

    However, I also think it's a problem that it's not listed as an example of RDM. It's just listed as an example for traitorous acts. We do not always slay for traitorous acts. For example, walking past an unID'd body is a traitorous act. We don't slay someone for walking past an unID'd, though.

    We all know that it's obviously a shitty thing to do and should be punished, but it technically isn't represented in the rules as a slayable offense (just as a KOSable one), so it should be clarified.
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