Reward for Top Scorer

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by a n d y ツ, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. not anymore afaik
  2. tay

    tay VIP

    free 500 points per map sounds good to me
  3. Irrelevant. If afking on the server day and night for point gain isn't massive loopholing, I don't know what is, and we shouldn't care anyway.

    +1 btw. This needs to be a thing! @Opalium
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  4. Daddy Nexxus

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    Fuck you
  5. CrownedWings

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    Aren’t you married though?

    He isn’t a reward, the points would it :sneakylove:
  6. Plus I'm 16 so it's a tad illegal too at least in the uk
  7. Zuko

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    bump +1
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  8. Scuffed Water

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    Yessir +1
  9. 500 free points for map sounds like fun