Resignation: Why it happened and what is next for me, the Comrade.

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    Ever since I have joined back in April 2016, and really got into SGM shortly after 1/11, I had a goal of mine in mind: Help in whatever way I can. I finally got the chance in that fateful month, November 2018. But, alongside my staff tenure as a whole, I was plagued by a problem, not emotional, for that was something personal that I did not feel belong here, and in some way, SGM actually helped me overcome it through the interactions with players. The problem was in the capability of the laptop I work with. Specifically, the limitations that while they were not so apparent 2 years ago, are clear now, and have, at least a little, hurt my long-term staffing. Hence, why the resignation.

    To say that the laptop was the only issue is not true. School is starting soon, so it may be better for me to focus on getting my 1st term grades to be good so I can benefit a little bit more in my future, especially since the new testing system in Bulgaria where the Country-wide exams were wildly changed.

    This thread will be split from now on in 3 Sections/Questions: Will I leave SGM for good? , What am I planning to do in the future? , and a Thank You/Ping section for those people who made my time here memorable, and who will probably still make it memorable when I eventually come back.

    Will I leave SGM for Good?

    No, of course not. I do not want to leave the community for good or even for such a big while, because it is too big of a hole to fill. There will be a time where I will come back, as I said. Probably not within the next few months, but there will be a come back.

    What are my plans for the future, even when I come back?

    Since school shall start soon for me, my primary objective is to get good marks and pass my 1st term well. After that, and hopefully by New Year, I will have received my new laptop, and start returning to SGM, as well as trying out new stuff, like Dead By Daylight and other games.(because the laptop's specifics will be tailored to allow me to play DBD with little hassle, aka Recommended. And if it can run that, then GMOD would be a piece of cake and would greatly enhance the experience I have.) Of course, the final goal here is to pass the country-wide exams coming up this year thanks to the new(and also controversial)reforms to education. After that, time will tell, but it will be undoubtedly more studying.

    Thank you, people, for making this ride, and hopefully future ones, a memorable experience.

    @Teroxa @Irish -Thank you guys for allowing me to fulfill my dream and duty throughout the tenures. Thank you, Teroxa, for picking me up, and thank you Irish, for being a caring dad and allowing me to continue being a good staff member.

    @Lordyhgm -Lordy, this may come as a surprise, but I am glad to have trained you and see you rise to admin. Infact, I feel a little proud of that.

    @Voca -Again, I am proud to have been alongside you as both your trainer and a colleague. You are one of the greatest moderators to grace SGM, and I feel both outclassed and jealous of that. Nep.

    @Pacifist -As much credit as I have to give Teroxa and Irish, I have to give some to you too. You were there to help me when I most needed it, and I still remember, and thank you for that.

    @Timo654 -Timo, I appreciate your veteranship and the amount of help you had given me too. I would simply feel guilty not to leave a thank you for that.

    Other people include:
    @_Falcon @pekka26 @DarkShiny @Minimelt @Nagisa @Aria @Credence

    To everyone else, a reminder that I may have missed many others, so idk.
    But now, the comrade must leave, for he has other tasks to do other than drink rakija and vodka and staff all day. See you all in a few months, I guess.

    (P.S) I am not going just yet. I will stay for a day or two to answer anything posted here.
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    knock urself out
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    When do you stop faking agent A?

    Sad to see you go as staff, now i have 1 guy less that let's me rdm.
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    tbh forgot you were mod
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    Hey man I hope that you get a new computer and find your way back here to us :)
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    Fucking nerd. Lmao

    Take care
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    have fun <3
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    Good luck in your future!
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    You know, I never let you RDM? You just had a good reason to get away with a slay every time.
    Pacifist, I am certain I will find my way back here. As I said, I already have a rough ETA of when I will be back. The resignation is meant to be a little break and the end of the old pc as far as staffing goes. I still have a 60+ biweekly dream to fulfill, and who knows, maybe a dedicated gaming PC that doesn't have problems(and I will probably use it for around 3-4 years) will help?

    Alright, now, as I mentioned, I was going to stay a little to reply. And now that I have done it, we can say Farewell for about 3 months or so here. Goodbye, for now...or as we in bulgaria say, Довиждане.

    p.s(again) This does not constitute a total withdrawal from chatting. I will still show up here and there to chat. But as far as activity overall goes, yeah, RIP.
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  12. You were great to work with ,agent.
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    Awwww :(
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    Hope to see you soon! :D
    Take care bud
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    Love you <3
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    rip my dude
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