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    wink, Falcor
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    n/a seriously we need a "Forum" / OTHER option for these 3 fields top and bottom
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    Reason For Report:
    Warning, up ahead there are many personal opinions, I'm trying to remain impartial here but its just gotten too difficult.
    This report is against wink primarily, because of his targetting towards me and his abuse as an admin, as well as falcor since she seems to be protecting him, numerous reports against wink
    have gone to falcor only to be declined, and it takes bending over backwards and reporting falcor or wasting long hours in private chat with her to realize that her admin may have made a mistake.
    Anyways lets get down to business shall we, falcor seems to think I am targetting wink because I said I will keep reporting him until he gets demoted, yet in reality I report him whenever something
    shady happens towards me or others, its not my fault that happens often. So wink has banned me on the forums for 24 hours because I commented on a report that I wasn't directly involved, let me
    explain why I chose to do this. The first thing that started this chain of events was that I noticed in sb some talks about a staff picnic, I noticed that opalium and highwon were on the same server
    together, as well as someone posting a picture of a message in chat "the server is being hacked by rhienor ", nothing special. I then join on teamspeak to see whos around and I notice an unlocked channel with opalium, about 5 admins, and about 8-10 moderators, I join this channel because why not.
    While in there someone posts this report: I open it up and take a look since why not, and I notice the same things I saw earlier in sb
    the messages saying rhienor was hacking the server, being a server owner myself I assumed this was using ulx csay or a variant to add chat messages as a joke, during this time I did not notice the use
    of the N word, something that I regret not noticing as that would have made this a whole lot more visible. Anyways so this report was posted, and the teamspeak channel that I was in was making all sorts
    of jokes about it, folks were asking if they could make it valid, and I even posted my own report against rhienor as a joke, no one was taking it seriously, surprising given we had 5 admins and a lead
    So I assumed that someone was using a ulx style command to print messages in chat to make fun of rhienor, given the prevoius mentions of a staff picnic and I know those have gotten a bit crazy in the past
    I assumed thats what was happening here, but on the report itself we notice that the player who submitted it was very concerned and was taking it very seriously, while everyone else wasn't taking
    it seriously (I'm sorry but you weren't taking it either Rhienor) I wanted to put the players mind at rest so I commented exactly what I commented, letting the guy know that hey its alright, etc.
    Again I assumed this whole thing was a joke, and I was trying to help put this players mind at rest. Apparently wink warned me in shoutbox to remove the message which I never noticed, not exactly my
    fault to read every message in sb, and its the first time I've ever seen anything nice from wink so gold star to him. I then looked further into the report and notice the usage of the N word,
    I contacted highwon about this immediately because again, I was still under the assumption that the messages came from staff. The first thing I stated was asking who was sending the messages on eunilla
    and highwon let me know what actually happened was that an addon installed that allowed players to exploit it and send the messages, leading me to realize that this wasnt staff screwing around
    but was an actual exploit, but by this time I was already forum banned, with no way to contact wink and explain. One of the best parts about this, was that my ban reason was for commenting "useless"
    information, my information was not useless even if it was wrong.

    Also I've been wanting to report this as well but never had a good chance until now, Tay posted a few messages, and what happened was that wink warned him and right after, tay posted another message
    Given how sb delays happen, I wouldn't be surprised if wink sent the message ~5 seconds before the minute changed, and then tay posted his after the minute change, of course wink wasnt watching and all
    he saw was the 1 minute difference, then issued a ban without having truly factual evidence, apparently they sorted this out in private but it just goes to show how much he clearly seems to abuse.

    Also I am disputing my "First offense" of commenting on reports wth "useless" information which falcor said was this:
    This is not "useless" information, I was saying that a player has continued to break the rules after being warned and punished for not doing so, not to mention I was never actually warned with
    the "formal" system what puts the message above the comment, but of course its still valid according to falcor.

    I'd also like to point out to Highwon or Opalium, whichever poor soul has to read all this. The admin wink has had multiple valid reports against him, nearly every single time falcor has to be reported
    or talked in private to get any sort of ruling, wink should have been demoted long ago and falcor refuses to acknowledge he has done anything wrong.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:

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  3. john redcorn

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    Let's get right into this,

    The Forum Lowdown

    As I'm sure my lead showed you when I you contacted her, we do have a rather strict ruling about who can comment on reports and a protocol to follow with that , which we are expected to uphold with each and every report to ensure they do stay professional and on-course. Since you did not fall within any of those categories, I issued you a warning in shoutbox to remove it. Since you didn't comply to my request and kept on chatting, I issued you the forum ban after deeming your other offense valid.

    Over your time here on the forums, you have received 5 warnings from staff members along the lines of commenting on reports/appeals you aren't involved in. Each time, it's along the same lines of trying to step in when a forum conversation with a relevant party, whether it be the OP or the staff member handling the report, would of been the correct course of action. Although the comments may not seem 'useless' in nature when they contain pertinent information in your eyes, they are 'useless' in the manner that you shouldn't be commenting on the appeal/report without proper evidence of the situation on hand, often providing an opinion piece that derails from the topic.

    As far as shoutbox goes, the matter was handled privately with Tay. He did receive two warnings from me before his ban, but however, I did unban him 35 minutes after it was issued after reevaluating the situation with him. I'll forward my evidence to the lead if she needs the convos, as they contain personal information.

    I'll allow @Falcor to look over this usage of the Forums Warning Point System, along with the ban in question.

    A General Warning

    Also 'since I've never had a good chance til now', I would love to advise you stray away from a few of the current behaviorisms you exhibit in shoutbox:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These screenshots cover quite a few things: Purposely submitting low quality content to our content team, spamming, instigating drama about settled issues, and harassing other users. I urge you to stray away from these in the future, or face further consequences down the road.

  4. Falcor

    Falcor ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ VIP Silver

    Hey XproPlayer

    I talked to you lastnight briefly about this and since I have sent the conversation to relevant parties.
    From what I gather my portion of this report is about protecting an Admin.
    As stated previously I do not "protect" my staff in the sense you're saying.
    I look at each point of view, rules & protocol and every report as a singular case.
    My staff do not have limit when it comes to reports being valid or changed.
    Since every report is different and you can not compare apples to oranges.
    As for why I stated you were targeting, it's clear in our conversation that was the intent.
    As well as the other screenshots I have of your comments to people.
    There was really no other way it could have been interpretted.

    As for your active forum warnings being valid.
    Comment 1
    A moderator issued the warning on the comment. Apologies it did not inform you of this. Since proper way of issuing warning points has been touched up to our newer staff.
    And you can see your own warning points on your profile page.
    Comment 2 Many regulars took it upon themselves to comment on that report. All were given a chance to delete their comments and not be issued warnings.
    Which was a courtesy that does not have to be given. Although you were trying to ease the players mind it was useless information that in fact wasn't true.
    So warning points were issued.

    Opalium & Highwon can review this and if any further information is needed please ask
    Thank you
  5. Juice Juice™

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    As I have been at least mildly involved with several reports against Wink, I'll just throw in some observations.
    Wink has followed the rules almost to a letter, but will sometimes give leniency, which has created an unsatisfactory environment for players not on his good side. Going back to the case with Winchester's report and his appeal, and then compare it to other reports for RDM and leave, (which include someone on their 5th offense) that were all accepted, he is clearly accepting appeals/denying them based upon time played. When I brought this up to Falcor, it was immediately dismissed. I also brought up the fact that, at one point, when he was a mod he slew me for RDM. During the slay, I was disconnected for three or so minutes, mid-conversation with him, and he didn't mention it when I returned. We were friends at the time, which I believe is why I wasn't banned. I don't condone everything that Xpro's group does, but Wink and Xpro have a clear feud that ends up being detrimental to Xpro's friends.
    Furthermore, going off the appeals section, Wink gives more discretionary bands (Related to trolling, Toxicity, things like that) compared to any other type, and seems to focus primarily on long-time members and ex-staff (Naturally, they are more inclined to appeal, but even just looking at new members he has more). He rarely gets appeals made for RDM and leave, and when he does, will typically accept them.

    Wink, in general, became a lot more distant from the average player almost the moment he became an Admin, and is almost certainly trying to win favor from that. I am sure other people have more direct examples, and this is sort of a silly one, but people just don't talk like this. Unless they are being extremely condescending

    Edit: For the record, I do think Wink is a good mod. I just feel that the power of Admin has gone to his head, and Falcor refuses to regulate

    As to falcor's part, other than what's listed above, it takes multiple messages (to the point I feel like spamming) over the span of days if not weeks to get any sort of response
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  6. Togo ✿

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    Winks action are all legal action but the normal player sees It as nit-picky and douchey

    The things he does most other staff members that I've seen wouldn't do, for example, if a well-known play like in Winchester disconnects during his slay round, most would wait to see if crashes or said something in shoutbox.

    Staff have been on edge more lately, I don't know if it's from new rules or something else.
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  7. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

    RIP to the folks who commented the truth on this report. Good job confirming how biased you are wink by posting the fact that you seem to screenshot every single time I say something that could be shown as negative in sb dating back days or weeks, totally no bias there. Maybe I should go through all your post history and see all the reports you have against you, ban appeals that you've had to deal with, etc. I have yet to see a single person who doesn't agree with my observations, you clearly have a personality where you won't ever take the moral high ground or see eye to eye on an issue, you issue your bans and never ever consider you could be wrong, and that is why you are a bad staff member.
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  8. Mr Butters

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    • don't comment on reports you aren't involved in.
    I dont agree. KEK.
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  10. Zikeji

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    Opalium is away until Friday. I'll go ahead and tag @Highwon
  11. Gazzy

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  12. Xproplayer

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    this applies to you to, you know how I spell my name, don't try to change it up to mock me Falcor.
  13. Opalium

    Opalium Stay Awesome Banned VIP Silver

    I'm aware of this report. No need to tag me again.
    If Highwon will not be able to handle this, I will handle it on his behalf. For now, please wait for his response.
  14. Highwon

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    Based on the information provided by both Xproplayer and Falcor, I find the report on Falcor invalid. She has taken the proper steps to deal with the reports and talked to admin in question which is satisfactory. If you want to report wink, do it separately as that is the responsibility of their lead admin to handle.
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