Completed Report against VinnyGestapo!, TonyGestapo

Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by MonkeyBoy, May 16, 2019.

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  1. MonkeyBoy

    MonkeyBoy VIP

    Name of Staff/Player:
    VinnyGestapo!, TonyGestapo
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    STEAM_0:0:105423447, STEAM_0:1:217511691
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Which Map:
    Which Round:
    Time of Occurence:
    7:54 PM
    Reason For Report:
    Hacking, Mass RDM, Group Trolling​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:

  2. Hey, i can back this up cuz i was present during this thing
  3. Nathan776

    Nathan776 VIP

    I'll handle this.
  4. Nathan776

    Nathan776 VIP

    Both Players Have been Banned.
    Thank You For Reporting.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.