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Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by AM3RIC4, Sep 13, 2019.

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  1. AM3RIC4

    AM3RIC4 Member

    Name of Staff/Player:
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    West 1
    Which Map:
    Which Round:
    start to finish
    Time of Occurence:
    8:00 server time
    Reason For Report:
    Basically this admin (Falco) is butt buddies with Jack$onZ$Z and came on the server and banned me because Jack$onZ$Z told him I was rdming. He literally got on, opened the report, closed it and banned me. Didn't check the logs or ask for my part of the story, just did it because he told him. Falco never responded to me when i asked him in the admin chat if he could check the report I submitted. He also did not punish Jackson for the blatant rdm on me. His reason was that "I announced it in chat". Obviously I wouldn't announce that at the beginning of the game when I was inno. For both of my "rdms" I killed Jackson because the first time he had a knife out in front of the tester room. I opened the door, saw it and killed him. Additionally, I killed him some rounds later because he again had a t weapon out. Which is why both times I only killed him he happened to be a t. Also, Austin was with him and attempted to rdm me as well. Overall it's rediculous how overly biased, sloppy this admin was. Literally;y he got on and then immediately off the server. He joined opened the report and started "handling it", finished one and auto slayed me. Played a round of ttt, then opened and closed the second t and banned me for a day and then left. Again none of my reports that I made against either players were handled. You can see that Jackson killed me when I did no damage to him. As a side note Austin appeared to me cheating the map before. He was watching people through the walls and you'll also notice he has a game ban on his account from under 30 days ago and has a private profile.

    edit* Forgot to add that Jackson rdm'd me on the previous map as well.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    Perris was with me when Jackson RDM'd me and when I killed Jackson near the tester room. Retro was near the tester room when he saw jackson run by with a knife.
    I don't have any pictures of jackson talking cause he used mic. Austin used chat so that's all i have.

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  2. Peach

    Peach sweet c: VIP Silver

    I have seen this report and will conclude it after @ThatAintFalco gives their response. Please be patient.
  3. ThatAintFalco

    ThatAintFalco You should’ve followed the damn train CJ VIP

    Hello, I am currently staffing on vanilla and when I hop off I’ll go over this with you with my evidence.
  4. le Jack$on

    le Jack$on well damn jackie i can't control the weather VIP Bronze

    Hey, Since you mention me I'll respond with my side of the story.
    What you said here was false, I never had a knife out. I was just holding a grenade you you decided to shoot me for it. You also said after you killed me "dude, I just knew he was a T. You didn't say I had a knife, so that just means you lied on a report.

    I didn't tell falco to come on and ban you. I told him to come on and handle these reports. I really don't understand why you play so toxic, You were just rdming Austin because you thought he was cheating? I mean, It's okay to be upset with someone who is better at the game than you, but you shouldn't just rdm them because you don't like how they play the game. It's just toxic game play.

    I don't recall rdming you. You probably must of mistaking me for an innocent while I was a T.

    That's all I'm gonna say. I don't really have anything against you, but you've been toxic to me in the past and I never understood why. I hope we can move on from this and just enjoy the game.

    also, your evidence just shows Austin saying something in chat. Do you have anymore evidence to support your claim?

    See ya later, gamer.

  5. AM3RIC4

    AM3RIC4 Member

    Yeah, I'd like to see the evidence besides the one you cherry-picked. If you're using my first report response you can stop their because I only responded like that cause of the shit austin was saying in chat and telling everyone to rdm me and perris. Isn't it funny how it was also "mass rdm" when I never rdm'd anyone. The only people to report me was austin and jackson. And btw if you look into those logs you'll notice that jackson was the first one killing me, yet no slays for him. Also, you happen to be friends with him on steam.....weird.
  6. AM3RIC4

    AM3RIC4 Member

    Actually no I didn't start killing him cause he "was cheating". I stated that it looked like he was cheating cause he was watching players through wall on the first map and notice how he had a recent game ban and he set his profile to private. Also yeah I said "i knew he was a t" cause the detective called a kos out on him. then he started saying that i was cheating because "I knew where he was". but what's funny is that you rdm'd me during that round near the end. How many slays did you butt buddy admin give you? Even if you felt it was rdm, you can't revenge rdm someone because you thought they rdm'd someone else. Yet I'm not seeing any slays for you. and yes that round that I kiled you outside the tester room, you did have a knife. There was a litterally a guy on voicechat saying "I didn't see anything Jackson" when he ran out of the tester room

    also if you're talking about the rdm response i made initially for austin it's cause he was being a toxic fuck telling everyone to rdm me. but no i didn't rdm.
  7. le Jack$on

    le Jack$on well damn jackie i can't control the weather VIP Bronze

    I didn't rdm you, You said you were a t. If I'm wrong please provide some evidence that proves me wrong.

    This will be my last response since I can just feel this is gonna turn into a big petty argument.

    Peace out gamer.

  8. AM3RIC4

    AM3RIC4 Member

    provide evidence? What evidence did you have to get your butt buddy on to ban me? Look at the logs, you killed me when I made no damage to you. I was innocent and killed a confirmed traitor after detectives orders. Even after I was confirmed innocent you walked up behind me and rdm'd me. I never once said i was a traitor. Up until that point i hadn't even killed you once, yet I'm the rdmer. After that round you continued to try and rdm me.
  9. ThatAintFalco

    ThatAintFalco You should’ve followed the damn train CJ VIP

    Ok so let's get started here. So you were reported 3 times.
    You said in your response that he was holding a knife, however when I checked the deathscene he never had one and was just standing next to the door with a frag in his hand which was never cooked.
    In this next report around 30 seconds in you kill Austin for no valid reason and you kill him because you assumed him to be cheating, which isn't a reason to kill someone on this server, and probably any server at all.
    Now this last screenshot wasn't made in as a report, however when looking over the logs I wanted to check to see if you had RDMed any more people and in the 1st round you start shooting Austin again for no reason at all.
    Based on this screenshot alone I am assuming you're attempting to target Austin and RDM him without proof. Seeing as this was your third offense of RDM that would lead into a Mass RDM ban which is only a day. I don't know what made you think that he was hacking, but RDMing him isn't gonna solve that problem. Gonna be tagging my admin @Peach to finish this up.
  10. AM3RIC4

    AM3RIC4 Member

    I don't know what you mean by his deathscreen but he did have knife out. I know that for sure. I'm sure theres a way to see that if you were interested in any way. Also if you read anything I wrote before you would see that I killed austin after he was called out by the detective. and yes autsin was a traitor. Any other time I killed him it was because he had a traitor weapon, notice how I've only killed him when he was a traitor. And like I said try using other evidence then what i wrote on the first report. I didn't rdm him on the first kill, there would be no point in me "rdming" someone i suspected to be a cheater.

    Also lastly, I find it funny how you're brushing past the whole point of this report. Notice this wasn't a ban appeal but a report. I figured whatever the outcome is you would try to justify the ban because you have access to logs, I don't. The point of this is that you got on the server solely because you butt buddy told you to and to ban me. You did not check either reports I made on the other players. You also would not respond to me when I pm'd you twice through admin chat. Instead you banned me right away and let your butt buddy and austin scott free even though there is clear evidence they rdm'd me. You put so much work into trying to cherrypick evidence to try and say I broke the rules when litterally one of the response to my report was that "I said I was traitir" when i was fucking innocent that killed a confirmed traitor (austin) who was called out by the detective. Not to mention they both told everyone to rdm me. I litterally took a screenshot of it.


    literally both of them were trying to rdm me since I killed austin in the prevoius map and jackson tried rdming since the first time he rdm'd after austin was kos'd. But yeah I was banned for "mass rdm" when litterally those were the only two that filed reports on me. I'm pretty syre if I was going around the map killing everyone it would be more then those 2 people.
  11. @AM3RIC4

    By deathscene, we see shot trails, weapons currently out, and where you look. They can also see bodies, and other players.

    I'm aware I'm not a part of this but the mention of the DS seems to have confused him. Applogies, ~Aris
  12. Peach

    Peach sweet c: VIP Silver

    Hey @AM3RIC4, I have reviewed this report and am ready to make a verdict.

    First off I want to start by going over some of your concerns.

    Typically staff members are taught to go off of what is said in the report response, as that is your official reason for making the kill. The reason why we go off of the initial response it to prevent players from changing up their story after the fact. So if you didn't state this in the initial response, the staff member isn't inclined to believe you once a slay has been handed out.

    Now with a situation like this you have to understand that we only hand out slays when we can obtain proper evidence to back up those slays. If a reported player says that you self implicated by stating you're a traitor, we would need to have the evidence that you didn't actually say this. Such as a video recording of the round up to that point. I asked
    ThatAintFalco if he has the report in question but unfortunately this wasn't obtained. However from my understanding after talking to them it seems they got on after your report was submitted, and wouldn't have had the proper evidence. So the report became Word Vs Word.

    Now, when reviewing the actual reports against you that resulted in your ban, it seems that a lot of crucial evidence wasn't obtained by ThatAintFalco.

    For the first report you claimed you killed Jacksonz because they had a traitor knife out. Since a deathscene/logs weren't obtained, there isn't any solid evidence that what you said isn't true.
    For the second report you mention them cheating, however at the very end of your report response you mention them holding a T weapon out. Same thing goes for this report as well, a deathscene/logs of the situation would be necessary to back up these claims. Since the evidence seems to have been lost, the slay shouldn't stand.
    As for the third report, it seems the screenshot of the report was lost as well. I don't really have much to review here other than the damagelogs posted. However this isn't enough to justify a slay alone.

    In conclusion, I do see mistakes have been made by @ThatAintFalco here. I'm not sure exactly what happened yet that led to so much evidence being lost. From my point of view though this ban shouldn't have been made. Needless to say your ban will be lifted and voided. I will be having a talk with ThatAintFalco about properly obtaining evidence so that situations like this won't happen again in the future. As for your other part of this report where you mention ThatAintFalco showing favoritism. I don't believe enough evidence has been posted here to show any indication of that. I talked to Falco about this yesterday, they assured me that they got on and handled all the reports at the time without showing bias. This part of the report will fall into Word Vs Word.

    If you have any other questions or concerns about this report please feel free to send me a private message here or on discord (Peach#2525).
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