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Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by MrUnknownShadow™, Nov 4, 2018.

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    So i said KOS nilz since his name was shrimp to make a joke then Temar shot Noob Thinking it was him then i killed temar for shooting noob then he reported me saying I kos'd noob even tho I didnt So i asked for a video he gave me one which the video of my saying nilz was clear and i didnt say noob
    Then i got slayed for False KOS​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    (Temars video)​
  2. Noob999

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    Hello MrUnknownShadow, I have review the video in full as well as a short clip of the KOS in question.
    The first time I played it. I heard KOS Noob KOS nilz but after that I heard KOS nilz KOS nilz.
    I have asked a number of admins and staff about the KOS. non of them heard KOS noob but everyone heard something different.
    It does not help that players are talking over each other, your poor quality microphone and your subpar articulation.
    Calling a KOS using a name no one was using on the server just added to the mess.

    The was no KOS on Noob by MrUnknownShadow that round however I believe Temar thought he heard one.

    Temar checked his video before slaying you and he still thinks you said KOS Noob.
    Other admins heard Nilz, Others did not hear a name at all. I'm still in two minds about it.
    I think we hear what we want to hear with that video.

    I find this report to be valid.

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