Investigating Report against sam, Noob999

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  1. Hongo

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    Name of Staff/Player:
    sam, Noob999
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    STEAM_0:1:40861327, STEAM_0:0:143478112
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    West 1
    Which Map:
    Which Round:
    Time of Occurence:
    Reason For Report:
    I threw a prop and killed a T on accident, but I gave him 700 points so he could buy a new t round cuz i was sorry. He forgave me and said all is forgiven, but Sam slayed me anyway and dazza chimed in saying something along the lines of 'The staff didnt forgive you /somethingsomething/ disgression'

    Like, fuck you. I literally paid him back so he could buy a new T round and he forgave me, I dont need staff to forgive me when I'm already forgiven, thats the most ridiculous shit I've heard of.

    So ya tl;dr I paid a guy I propkilled so he could buy himself a new t round, sam slayed me anyway and essentially scammed me out of 700 points.
    I'm gonna throw Noob999 in this too, since he refused to respond to any messages or give any explanation to the actions of the mod who was on at the time, and Dazza kinda insinuated it was his decision to slay me.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:

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  3. sam(antha)

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    Hey so you RDMed a guy and I slayed you for it.

    The deathscene can be seen here:

    The angle isn't great but it's not hard to tell what happened.

    And this is the report:


    I decided to keep the slay on despite you bribing the person who reported you. I did discuss it with the other staff members online but I made the final choice. I don't think it's a good thing to reward that kind of behavior.

    TL;DR: You RDMed and got slain for it.
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    Hello Hongo
    Moderator discretion only applies to accidental rdm and admin discretion applies to both accidental rdm and deliberate rdm. staff has the final decision on accepting forgiveness.
    In this case I allowed Sam to make the final decision as new round was about to begin and I did not have the time to review the death scene.
    After the round started I reviewed the death scene in full and concluded Sam had made the right decision. Deliberate prop killing will not be forgiven. Paying bribes do not help your case.
    Bribing a victim into giving you forgiveness is not something we encourage, endorse or implement enforcement of. There's a reason why giving points is labelled as a donation not "pay bribe here not to be slayed".

    Your questions about why you were slain had been answered by sam and dazza and I did not feel that they were aimed at me. so I did not reply to you.
    Report against Sam invalid. I will let Teroxa finish up this report.