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    Last couple days.
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    First off, I'd like to state this player has been cheating for well over a few days on the server. This is how I was able to gather so much evidence. Because of the large number of demos and the length of some, I will provide key points where I believe there is cheating without a doubt. Each demo will be gone over with either clean, suspicious, or cheating. The point of these markings is to highlight my intentions on where exactly cheating was seen. It may also function as an indicator of what kind of cheats the person could be using. Spots of interest will be marked with an (#). Not all spots of interest are exact indicators.

    Demo #1: jihad3.dem

    #600-800 ticks: Here we can see Jihad shooting at someone with the rifle. I see recoil but there's something that catches my eye. If you watch the second shot taken, around ~660 ticks, you see his aim sort of robotically move to his head. Not definitive cheating, so let's keep this in mind moving forward as we look as more of his aims/shots/kills. suspicious.

    #1600-1900 ticks: His aim seems to twitching towards his whenever his crosshair gets close to them. I'm not sure if this is a type of trigger, or whatever. It could just be demo glitches but I doubt that, as I have demos of people with trigger using rifles, and they definitely don't twitch towards the head hitbox whenever their rifle gets near it. Slowing down the demo makes it apparent at ~1870 ticks. suspicious.

    #3100-3350 ticks: Looks like more instances of his aim sliding towards heads whenever his crosshair gets close to a person. This is especially present with the detective he aims at. suspicious.

    #3300-3700 ticks: By far the most questionable of the bunch here. As you can see by the demo, Jihad is innocent. Nobody called out Zack's position, here. He should have no way of knowing Zack was at the beach, unless he was using some sort of player ESP or anti-wall cheat. More likely the latter. How he aims exactly where Zack was on the beach, despite having zero knowledge of him being there, as Jihad was behind a wall, is extremely sketchy. Jihad also appeared to have that same aim instance while he was looking at Zack through the wall. Cheating? Possibly. I'll write this off as just luck. Feel free to think of that what you will. suspicious. (END OF DEMO) Rest of demo: clean. I couldn't find any other really strange moments, so look at the rest if you want. Onto the second demo.

    Demo #2 jijadtdm.dem

    #5-230 ticks: Shoots a guy and his aim and it appears his aim was adjusting mid-shot/after the guy died, robotically moving again. I don't think I need to state why that's strange. suspicious.

    #1100-1500 ticks: Aimed at someone through the wall at ~1300 ticks. Could very well be the sight team deathmatch gives you, but still worth noting. suspicious. (END OF DEMO) Third demo.

    Demo#3 jihadnewmap.dem

    #1400-1900 ticks: Phew, boi, they really messed up. Lots of bits here that I should point out. At 1500 ticks-1700, Jihad is looking directly at the ceiling with Mute on it, strading back and forth with a-d. Two things here, he's either adjusting some settings on his cheats, or trying to scope Mute's exact position by looking through the floor where Mute is standing. It's also possible he was just doing something else, but I doubt it's so convenient for him judging by his last moves in-game. They start climbing the ladder side with Mute on it. suspicious.

    #1901-2250 ticks: Jihad climbs up exactly to where Mute is and preaims like he knows Mute is there. Could very well be luck that he found Mute on that side of the two ladders, but I doubt he'd be lucky this many times, considering all the other evidence that shows he likely has walls at the least. Starts firing at ~2050 ticks. If the demo blacks out your screen, try playing at an earlier time/restarting gmod. We can see his aim adjust is rather odd, and he has really good control with the h.u.g.e It's especially odd 2170-2190 ticks, his aim almost seemingly shifts to ttropic for split seconds, who's player model is behind a wall, yet right next to the aim of Jihad. Further evidence of aim assist. cheating.

    #2251-2400 ticks: Jihad's aim assist seems like it wasn't toggled off after immediately after killing Mute, as 2300-2400 ticks, you can see his aim glitch on occasion, as if it's locked onto something, possibly chest or heads from below, in the lighthouse. suspicious.

    #3100-3400 ticks: At 3200 ticks, Jihad starts firing. Aim slowly makes its way towards the traitor target, Serpentine. Nothing suspicious yet. Looking at 3300-3400 ticks, we see a perfect tract through the small brick wall on Serpentine; I also believe Jihad was locking his head here with an aim key. cheating.

    #3401-3600 ticks: At ~3470 ticks, Jihad shoots the wall a few times with fartpalace's player-model behind it. His aim also seems to lock on a bit here. It's possible if he is using an aim key, it would lock onto the closest player model relative to the crosshair, and that would explain this. We see it happen again between 3500-3550 ticks. Jihad's aim sporadically shifts between alergic and fartpalace's player-models, before suddenly going back to Serpentine. Since the H.U.G.E is a piece of crap unless in the hands of a true master, he dies. End of demo, and finally I stop for now.

    To conclude, all this evidence strongly points to Jihad using an aim-key/toggable aim-assist with some kind of player sight, such as walls.

    I'll end by tagging @Humancowcakes incase they have any evidence of their own to add, since they were on with me at the time.

    Apologies for the long demos and explanation. Please read what I have to say for each one. Don't be afraid to come to your own conclusion - my analysis is only a basis for your judgement, along with the demos.

    I will be adding additional evidence tomorrow. It is quite late where I am.

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    Whenever I specced, he was mediocre at best so I'll take a look over the evidence provided and get a second opinion as well.
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    Alright Jihad has been banned for hacking 1st (by Jabba The Slut). Thanks for reporting!

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