Completed Report against "griff" "easye"

Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by Noctorious, Sep 12, 2018.

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  1. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    Name of Staff/Player:
    "griff" "easye"
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    STEAM_0:0:12770791 STEAM_0:0:43743802
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Which Map:
    Which Round:
    most of them
    Time of Occurence:
    11pm server time
    Reason For Report:
    Streaming without delay
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    griff was streaming without a delay. During the stream he and his friend easye can be heard talking about who is alive or dead and in game events without talking in mic. Before I started recording they were also telling each other their role at the start.
    You will probably be able to view his full stream in his vids after he finishes streaming

    uploads pending...

  2. PiggyBlade ☣

    PiggyBlade ☣ They question the king upon leaving. Banned VIP

    I'll handle this real quick
  3. Sly

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    Player has been dealt with thanks for reporting! Sorry for the steal Trinity.


    Thread: Locked
    Report: Completed
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