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Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by ekksdee, May 10, 2019.

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  1. ekksdee

    ekksdee wrath VIP Bronze

    Name of Staff/Player:
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    You know it
    Your Steam ID:
    You can find it
    Which Server:
    Which Map:
    Minecraft City/Other map(s)
    Which Round:
    Multiple rounds
    Time of Occurence:
    Doesn't matter
    Reason For Report:
    Multiple hacking bans issued off of lackluster evidence.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    The evidence for this can be found in the following:

    For the first report, the user in question actually streamed his gameplay on Twitch. There is absolutely no conclusive evidence of hacking through the VOD. In fact, the user has a twitchy play style, this "twitchy" aim can be attributed from the user playing other fast-paced games that are in the FPS genre (such as Apex Legends). There should have never been a ban placed for this report unless alternative evidence was obtained by Gazzy- something that he never mentions.

    For the second report, I admit— I haven’t watched the demo. However, the user states that in order to see the evidence, you have to slow the demo down. Due to Garry's Mod utilizing a less modern version of the source engine, demos are already locked to 30 FPS. By slowing down the demo to 6% you're going to be playing the demo at 1.8 FPS. If the player you are spectating is good, then that slowdown is going to make it look like the user has silent-aim no matter what, that's due to how demos work in this game, how else do you think demos are able to remain at such a small file size?

    I request that Gazzy provides screen recordings of the portions that he used to determine that this hacking ban is a valid ban.
Please note, Gazzy has only returned from his suspension this morning. This goes on to add from Helix’s most recent report where Gazzy has made consistent and repeated errors in appeals, multiple of which have been hacking bans over absurd evidence. I do request that Noob address this history as well since this was not really addressed regardless of it being brought up in Gazzy’s previous report.​
  2. scuffed water

    scuffed water #TheScuffedStaff Administrator VIP+ Bronze

    Going to go ahead and tag @Gazzy and his admin @Noob999 so they are aware of this report.
  3. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald

    I may have something of value to add to this report.

    As a casual lurker, I have noticed a conversation brewing earlier about the second half of this report featuring the demos on teas profile. Here’s the link:♥.15162/#profile-post-79813

    I’m not the best in my league about demos, but the majority of what was discussed here is accurate to my knowledge, and there’s some good points about the level of certainty one needs when identifying a hacker only using demos. There’s a good bit of back and forth and the such, and I think it’s actually a valuable read considering what it discusses.

    While I don’t expect every single member to see, hear, feel, or touch every seeing breath of life on the forums, the facts presented are what I hope a long time staff member knows and considers before issuing a four week ban.

    I love you Gazzy, but “Done” doesn’t address any of these concerns (whether it be the players, the hackers, or a random memers) in a meaningful manner. You’re in the spotlight right now coming off that suspension , and really hope you can work out how to excel on the staff team
  4. Gazzy

    Gazzy they're GREAT! VIP

    I have seen this and I am in the middle of talking to noob999 about my bans.
  5. Gazzy

    Gazzy they're GREAT! VIP

    there is the video.
  6. Gazzy

    Gazzy they're GREAT! VIP

    I sent this video too noob99 at 5:30 pm yesterday UK time. I have been waiting on his response.

    Edit: I have unbanned them till noob as got back too me.
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  7. ekksdee

    ekksdee wrath VIP Bronze

    Hey Gazzy,

    Thanks for the reply.

    If this is the full evidence that you reviewed for the ban, then frankly, you need to be demoted. You simply clicked "play" on the demos without actually reviewing what was going on.

    Normally I'd give the benefit of the doubt that maybe you saw something that I didn't see... but I do want to point out... You did not even review all of the evidence for McPenis. And the little bit of evidence you did view, he NEVER EVEN FIRED A SHOT.

    You flat out banned someone for hacking with absolutely zero reviewed evidence. This should have never occured, and no one on the staff should have ever done this.

    Noob999, please take this report seriously. This is CRITICAL staff issues and frankly, for this to occur THE SAME MORNING he has returned from the staff team is absolutely embarassing not only for Gazzy, but for you-- as all of your pickups are a representation of you as an admin.

    Please take care of this.
  8. Rozboon

    Rozboon Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    I'd consider this information useful this is a few seconds before the demo Gazzy used to ban Mcpenis.

    Also, what happened to getting several staff members input on potential hackers before banning? Did you do that at all gazzy?
  9. Noob999

    Noob999 The best Noob around. VIP

    Hello ekksdee after reviewing all the evidence available I have concluded the only course of action I can follow is to demote Gazzy. This isn't the first time he has fallen well short of our requirements for moderators, when dealing with suspected hackers. Unfortunately this is the straw that broke the camels back.

    I have reviewed all of his recent hacking bans.
    Some have being unbanned and voided other bans were correct.

    I do not believe you can detect silent aim from a demo.
    However they are good enough for blatant cases aimbot and tracking players through walls.
    The physics of a demo is less than perfect so a larger degree than normal of tolerance needs to be applied when dealing with demos.
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