Invalid Report against Enyalius

Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by TomCat™, May 23, 2020.

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  1. TomCat™

    TomCat™ Elite

    Name of Staff/Player:
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    Your Steam ID:

    Which Server:
    Which Map:
    Inno Hotel
    Which Round:
    Time of Occurence:
    Approximately 4:50 EST
    Reason For Report:
    Loopholing. He's been doing dozens of things where he looks for the tiniest excuse to kill anyone even if the person does the tiniest thing that might be considered a T-act, but this just takes it to a whole another level.

    We were standing in the bathroom on Hotel. He was standing behind the door of the stall, I was standing in front of the door. The entire time I was facing him, and he was facing me, there was not once where either of us turned away, but he either saw or heard the detective being killed, opened the door, then shot me for not responding to the detective's murder.

    He's saying I was 'Able to witness' this death. That he killed me for GBA. While he knows factually I was not, because neither of our faces turned away from the other's for the entire time.
    I'm not trying to contest the specifics of the rule, I'm saying he knew with absolute certainty that I did not see the detective's death and that he killed me anyways for not reacting to the detective's death anyways.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    were all staff at the time.​
  2. Melodica Man™

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  3. Moleman

    Moleman I speak for the moles Moderator VIP

    I have a demo of the map in question (including the death scene of TomCat), however I wont have time to look through it myself. If anyone needs it please contact me and I'll try to send it to you.
  4. j3kawesome

    j3kawesome I see u with my feet Moderator Elite

    I am pulling the evidence you asked for right now and will post it here when I get a chance
  5. this was handled in game by Moleman, as you were able to witness the T act that happened next to you, and the D's unid body was there close to you, I had every right to kill you for GBA.
    All i had to do was look to my left(your right) to see the Dets unid body. Which makes the kill valid, and you GBA.
  6. TomCat™

    TomCat™ Elite

    Has some evidence regarding him Killing a Detective for throwing a discombob
    And then also reporting me for killing him in the following situation:
    In the bookshelf beneath the bed on Dolls, he was staring into that crouch hole. he fired his rifle into the hole, and on the other side an unid'd body came out. He then immediately ran away from the scene. Another person was either in or around the hole, I wasn't paying that close attention, but he was the only one I noticed with a rifle. I killed him after Id'd the body.
    Now according to him, it was RDM, even though if he applied the same logic as he did when killing me, it would have obviously been GBA. He even argued with me about it over voice chat.
    Enyalius: Juice Juice, you had no way to see if it was really me or not
    Juice Juice: Except I did
    Juice Juice: Like, legit was watching you
    Enyalius: cause someone was in the little crouch hole
    Enyalius: when i shot
    Enyalius: so it couldve been them
    Juice Juice: They didn't have a rifle
    Enyalius: doesnt matter, still coulda been them
    †☆LT.Kιttץ-Kαƚ☆†: Enyalius he saw you lol
    Enyalius: who killed the man
    Juice Juice: It literally could not have been
    Enyalius: i fucking doubt it
    Enyalius: it couldve.
    Juice Juice: Weapons don't spawn in t hat hole. The person was killed with a rifle. I saw you shoot. I saw them die. Ichecked the body.
    Enyalius: someone was in there, they coulda killed em, you killed on sus
    Juice Juice: Stop loopholing
    Enyalius: that was a kill on sus by you you retard.
    Juice Juice: It's pathetic you complain about this after all the shit you pull
    Juice Juice: You did it
    Juice Juice: I watched you do it
    Juice Juice: Even if you didn't kill t hem
    Juice Juice: You shot in the hole at s omeone
    Juice Juice: Tbaiting alonme
    Juice Juice: I'm sorry though Enyalius. The simple fact is, not everyone is as dumb as you are.

    A little later, he also shot me for random damage at the start of the round and got slain over it.
    Please do not pay attention to my atrocious misuse of grammar, but do note that, according to him, witnessing a person fire directly into the very narrow and confined space another person occupies, and that space then depositing an unid'd body, and THEN running away from that space is not enough for a GBA kill according to his logic. At best, he saw it all go down and did nothing, the ran away from an Unid'd, and insisted I was wrong.

    However, him staring at another, and having a third person die behind the person he is staring at, without that person ever having turned away, is enough to warrant a GBA kill. Despite the person he was staring at having done literally nothing but stare forward, with no way of knowing what had happened.
    This double standard, or rather the inconsistency in logic, that exactly what defines loopholing. This isn't a case of mistaking the rules, this isn't a case of being harsh on the rules, this is a case of exploiting the rules for his own convenience, with a clear motivation of fucking with other people and killing them unjustly.

    This person has an extensive history with little acts like this within the server in the short time I've been playing with him, and it seems targeted at a handful of people. Or at the very least, he'll go out of his way to do it enough where a handful of people have vocally had the same complaints about him while playing over the past few days.
  7. smh, i'm just sick of the harassment and targeting thats been going on.
    you havent done it at all really, but a few of those *other fucks* have...i'm sure they know who they are.
  8. j3kawesome

    j3kawesome I see u with my feet Moderator Elite

    Ok so im gonna talk about Minecraft B5 when you killed the detetctive.
    First im gonna quote the extended rules:
    Here it shows that you can kill detetctives for cooking a grenade in their hand.
    Here is the moment in which the detetctive threw the grenade
    Here the detetctive in question is Notorious R.D.M who threw the grenade at 15 Seconds
    Next, im gonna move on the report and the logs that go along with the report
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    As you can see in your report you quoted the extended rules that I have put above. The problem that we run into here is that killing for self defense does not happen 45 seconds after the crime has been commited. (There is no DS to see if Enaylus was nearby the discombob, but they did not take damage from it). When looking at the DS you decided in the heat of alot of people that you were gonna kill the detetctive for the discombob they threw earlier. I added a slay to you after Reda-Lex pointed out the massive time difference. The way you conducted this kill and then your reponse on the report shows an attempt at almost loopholing the rules.
  9. TomCat™

    TomCat™ Elite

    (Edit: Misread his words initially, thought he was referring to making mistakes resulting in RDM. Leaving it in just to maintain, forgot how to strikethrough so it's tiny) I have . And I completely admit it when I do. It's actually a bit of a compulsory thing for me, playing strictly by the rules. I even used to report myself when it happened- Only reason I stopped is that the rules don't allow it anymore, the person I did it to needs to report me. Ironically, it has led me to having a better time playing the game now that I'm loosening up and forgiving 'fun' RDM.
    Further edit: We really do have a problem with several people ganging up to harass a single person, and the single person getting punished over it cuz the several people didn't do anything overly severe. Not related to this report, but fuck is it painful to watch someone get banned/kicked for harassment while the gang harassing them doesn't even get noticed.

    You don't do 'fun' RDM. You don't kill people cuz 'oh oops, my bad'. You kill people regardless of context if you have even the slightest justification of the rules, and even beyond that. Especially if the person you killed has done something to annoy you.

    Now I will fully admit that I have called you various forms of stupid- After experiencing demonstrablely stupid behavior. I'm a bit toxic, especially in reports, and especially to blatant bullshit. If you want to call that harassment, OK. I think it's fair that when you KOS me because a mod that committed suicide is stuck in the T-room door saw me last, and then shoot me in the head when everyone who is proven innocent (including myself, under your witness ) has full health and I destroy the death station because somebody who hasn't been seen for the entire match walks up nearly dead, it's fair to call you a moron for doing that. Or a loopholer.

    The fact is: You don't talk that much in mic. You don't interact with people that much outside of the game. If you feel like you're being targeted and harassed by people beyond me, that isn't evidence of some conspiracy against you. That is evidence that your playstyle is so obviously and blatantly poor that other people take notice and dislike you for it.

    I've seen people who play the rules hardcore. I think it's still toxic, and I wish they wouldn't, but it's not anywhere to the same level as what you're doing. I don't report them on the forums. I am annoyed by them, but they don't get the same level of disdain that you get, at least not from me. They actually follow the rules to the letter, and apply it universally, they don't make up bullshit double standards contradicting themselves map to map, or even round to round.

    Edit: The simple fact is, nothing you do is individually worthy of loopholing, in my opinion. But it all compiles to the simple fact you are trying to blatantly skirt around the rules just to fuck with people.
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  10. TomCat™

    TomCat™ Elite

    I would appreciate that! I'll look through it and single out the clip
  11. this was already handled in game, and your report was invalid at the time.
    please try not to make reports over single counts of supposed rdm, thanks!
  12. TomCat™

    TomCat™ Elite

    Oh, goody me this is a loopholing report and not about RDM.
    That's the thing about loopholing: It's not about if you were technically correct or not, it's about if being technically correct was enough for acting like an asshole.
    Thanks for letting us know you have zero defense or excuses for any of the situations you've been in though.
  13. I have no reason to defend myself for something i didnt do.
    please stop the bs targeting and harassment, thanks.
  14. R3D4CT3D1

    R3D4CT3D1 Banned

    • Posting in irrelevant reports/ban appeals
    Says the guy who was harassing, targetting, and ghosting slaps
  15. TomCat™

    TomCat™ Elite

    Been over a week now, so I hope nobody minds me bumping this.
  16. Voca

    Voca o.o Administrator VIP

    Dont worry, the report was not forgotten, just a lot of behind the scenes stuff was delaying it.
    Still need to review @Moleman ´s demo.
    Where I will be finishing the full report after that.

    But I can say already now.
    That the case of him killing the detective for throwing a discombob earlier in the round.
    It is far from loopholing since he didnt loophole the rules to get away with an RDM.
    He simply RDMed, because he misunderstood the rules. I will say however, that the kill was more in the line of Toxic gameplay - and he will recieve an extra slay for a toxic kill based on his action (when this report has been fully handled)

    Full verdict will be done later.
    Sorry for the delay in its handling and thank you for your patience ^^
  17. No worries Voca, I won't be able to actually serve the slays for a few weeks, but that's alright.
  18. Voca

    Voca o.o Administrator VIP

    Sorry for the delay on my end, took a while to gather the Demo + some difficulties on having the Demo work properly and review it.

    But there is simply put, not enough or any evidence of loopholing in this, maybe a lil toxicity, but not enough to make this report valid or enough to warrant a warning for toxic gameplay.
    I will have a mod add a slay to him though for that toxic kill on the Detective tho.

    The rest of this report will be marked Invalid

    But if you come across other toxic instances or some loopholing, feel free to report it in the future.

    Thanks for reporting

    Any questions or concerns feel free to message me over discord or forum conversations ^^

    Again I am extremely sorry for the delay in handling this, it will not happen again on my part.
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