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Invalid Report against Doben

Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by degolfer222, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. degolfer222

    degolfer222 :, :'_ Moderator Elite

    Name of Staff/Player:
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    Didnt grab it, sorry
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Which Map:
    Which Round:
    Time of Occurence:
    Around 3 pm EST
    Reason For Report:
    False slays.

    So I was standing near the barrel trap as the round started, and for whatever reason there was a flaming barrel in the trap. I shot it so it would be safe to walk through, but it didnt go off. I didnt think much of it and ignored it. Then suddenly the room exploded and me and I believe 2 people were killed for it. Im honestly not sure what happened here, but I believe one of them activated the barrel trap and for whatever reason the kills were attributed to me and I got slain twice for it. Im not entirely sure if it has something to do with the barrel I shot which I dont think ever went off, nor was near anyone even if it did. I tried to ask Doben about it both in admin and regular chat but got no response.

    The kills should have been attributed to the person who activated the trap, which was definitely not me, but since the logs said I did it, Doben gave me the slays. I feel like Doben overlooked this and just gave me the slays. But there is still an all too real chance the slays were legit, in which case I apologize for wasting everyone's time.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    Sinister Spoon was one of the people I killed and he tried to argue my slays with me.​
  2. degolfer222

    degolfer222 :, :'_ Moderator Elite

  3. Ata47

    Ata47 Mars Rover VIP

  4. Doben

    Doben Party Monster Elite

    I've seen this but I'll be able to give my response tomorrow morning. Meanwhile please be patient.
  5. Doben

    Doben Party Monster Elite

    Hey @degolfer222 ,

    Sorry for the delay I had massive lag issues yesterday night so I wasn't able to respond this.
    Firstly I'm adding what I had in hand as my evidence.


    From the logs and the deathscene I didn't have any other evidence which can prove that you were the one who activated the trap or not.
    The reason I slayed you was the barrel you shot and in the end you had a role in killing 2 innocents which is also supported by the deathscene and the logs.

    For the ignoring part, I actually sent a message in chat, not as pm because you and Siniter were messaging me at the same time.

    As being staff members we should go with the current evidences we have in hand and when I took all of them into consideration, I didn't have any for removing your slays.
    Tagging my admin @Smusha again to finish this.

    Take care
  6. degolfer222

    degolfer222 :, :'_ Moderator Elite

    In the ds you can see Scottebooeh or whatever his name is walk right up to the trap activator. This isnt definitive proof as to him being the one who did it, but its strong enough evidence to cast doubt. And as you can see, the barrel I shot never went off, nor was it near anyone, so the reason the damage being attributed to me is a mystery, but there is nothing there that shows anything that would damage anyone because of me.
  7. Doben

    Doben Party Monster Elite

    Unfortunately your point is not a solid proof as you also walked right up to the activator. Shooting at the barrel was your choice and responsiblity when it wasn't a must for you.
  8. Smusha

    Smusha Meme Marine & Staffin' Machine VIP

    Hello @degolfer222

    As you can see from the evidence linked above by Doben there isn't really much to go by that would prove you weren't actually responsible for the deaths of the two innocents.
    As staff members aren't allowed to assume and must instead go by concrete evidence the in game report against you is valid because of two reasons:
    • 1.You are seen shooting at an explosive barrel
    • 2.The damage is attributed to you
    It is a known fact that damage attribution sometimes does mess up and gets linked to the wrong player, however in this case there is not enough proof to show that. Doben could not find anything that would 100% tell her the damage was linked to you by a bug.
    Now, even if it was indeed a bug, staff members cannot be held responsible for RDM Manager errors. That is because it goes beyond their control and staffing ability.

    You might get the urge to say "Yeah but a good staff member would investigate further to make sure and not just go by something which seems to be bugged even if they cannot be held responsible" and you would be right, that is what a good staff member does. However, that is exactly what Doben did as well, she did look further into it but in the absence of concrete proof that would otherwise invalidate the in game report she choose to slay you, and that is right as well.

    If one of the players did press the trap activation button and had one of the barrels dispensed by the trap hit the one you shot and then fling it into the innocents that would still be RDM on your part.(as well as his)
    When you decide to shoot an explosive barrel just to get rid of it you are automatically responsible for any damage caused by that barrel, same as another player that would then somehow manage to throw it into a group of innos before it explodes and kill them.

    So, either way, whether another inno pressed the trap button and flinged the barrel you shot at the two innos or if it was you that pressed it you get slain either way.
    In the absence of concrete proof (such as a recording of that exact incident) Doben had no other choice but to slay you in the end, and she is not at fault for doing so.

    As always, if you have anything else to add you are welcome to start a conversation with me on the forums.

    Report is Invalid.
    Thank you for your time
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