Invalid Report against DieKasta, Yatty

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  1. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    Name of Staff/Player:
    DieKasta, Yatty
    UUID of Staff/Player:
    DieKasta and RosalineRed or something
    Your In Game Nickname:
    Time of Occurrence:

    Reason for Report:
    Rosaline glitched into my house by using tpa to get past doors along with DieKasta they killed me took my stuff and spawn killed me. Not only that but Yatty posted some proof at some point on my profile which he deleted im sure mods could go get that.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    @Husshuss /Scooby in mc
    Deleted screenshot from my profile page
    Minecraft chat logs​
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  2. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    They also destroyed anything that was unclaimed and camped me for a good 30 min before I got killed they were there and I told them to go away then I went to play another game and I came back and they were still there. Fuck this shit they shouldnt have been able to pvp me in my claim by abusing glitches.
  3. Yatty ☄️

    Yatty ☄️ Yatt'em VIP Silver

    What me and @Husshuss did was unrelated. I mentioned to you in-game about how I got to your base using the nether portals. However, the raid that took place did not use these by any means. Just a simple stick and a little know how~
  4. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    I'd also like to report for harrassment as anything I didn't have the chance to claim got griefed. Such as my sugar cane farm and they even went as far as to go into my mineshaft and my mine to steal all the torches. They also claim to have come by flying but there is no entry point to do such a thing.
  5. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    I have found the pic that yatty posted and deleted in my history
    this was before I added 10 more doors. As Huss explained to me how he got in while Yatty posted that screenshot. I believe this could be seen in the game chatlogs.
    I've been told the link doesn't work so I'll reupload it.
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  6. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    So anyway Yatty how could I believe you did not glitch in to kill me when you've glitched in my base before. As there was 10 set of doors and the small area you guys claim to have come in by flying simply cannot be reach because it's 1.5/2 block height and you can't fit in.
  7. Yatty ☄️

    Yatty ☄️ Yatt'em VIP Silver

    The reason I deleted the screenshot was because it was made as a joke and to show you how accessible your home was through the nether like I stated before. Sadly I didn't manage to record the situation, I'll make sure I record these incidents in the future.


    I'd like you to know that me and huss did this by accident and with no malicious intent.
  8. Yatty ☄️

    Yatty ☄️ Yatt'em VIP Silver

    Allow me to tpa back to your house and I'll gladly show you how we got in during the raid :)
  9. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    Honestly I think removing all the torchs, crops and removing all the torch in my tunnels even going as far as removing the torches in the massive mineshaft or caves is harassment. I don't want to play anymore. I'm genuinely sad and all I wanted to do was build things with SGM but this server is all about fear. I'm holed up in my home and if I go out I might get killed by a player and even if I don't players might glitch in. You win I quit. I hope you have fun.
  10. Giraffe

    Giraffe We take the small victories VIP Silver Emerald

    Hey Avuky,

    Diekasta and I were the two people wearing diamond armor when you were killed in your house. Though you claim RosalineRed (Yatty) glitched into your home by tpa'ing to get past your doors, this is not how Kasta and I got in. In this video, you can see that I actually fly into your house going through the hole on the top floor. From there, we waited until you walked through one of your doors (the front door or downstairs door) to kill you. In this video, you can see that we are in your house waiting when you walk through the front door. We chased you downstairs where you left the door open and you died to burn damage that our swords inflicted using the Fire Aspect II enchantment. As for the spawn killing, when you re-spawned, you ran back downstairs to Kasta trying to obtain your items, which were only reachable to you. Kasta simply killed you in self defense. It makes no sense for you to re-spawn to let you go grab your items to give you a possible chance to fight back.

    According to this chat between Vector and Irritatingness (SMC Dev.) and the quote stated above (taken from here), taking the sugarcane, wheat, and torches from the land/mineshaft is allowed as it was on unclaimed land.
  11. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    I have seen this and will be looking in to it. I would also like to hear from @DieKasta concerning this.
  12. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    @Yatty - can you expand on this?
  13. DieKasta

    DieKasta :Blackalien: Forever VIP

    @Giraffe pretty much explained exactly what we did. We saw in the chat that someone had ended up in your home and that's how we got your coordinates. We travelled over to your base and scouted it out with sticks to see exactly how your claim was laid out. (That's what @Yatty meant by his post.) The land was claimed correctly so there was gonna be no way to dig into your base. We decided to wait you out and see if you'd ever leave your claim. After about 5 minutes or so we watched you walk down towards your mine and we dug into the side of it and attacked you, but with the knockback on our swords, all we ended up doing was pushing you back behind the safety of your doors in your claim. Keep in mind that this altercation was the first time you were alerted to our presence.

    After our attack failed we wandered around your base to see if there was a way inside so we could catch you by surprise. I spotted a 2x2 window at the top of your wooden house and we decided to test if we could fly in. After that worked we ended up just sitting there in wait for another 5 minutes until you ended up leaving the server. After you got off, we went and explored your mine, took some torches then left.

    ~30 min or so later you came back online and we traveled back to your home and flew back inside and waited. You had no idea we were present. Eventually you ran into the room we were in and we killed you (Video is above in Girrafes post.) Unfortunately, you died to burn damage in a place that wasnt accessible to me. All I wanted was your head so I killed you again for the trophy when you ran back down about 5 seconds later to grab your stuff. We left almost immediately after that; the whole altercation lasted about 1 minute after you were alerted to our presence.

    I'm sorry that you felt the need to report me but I'm just playing the game in the way that I enjoy doing it. It's been well documented that my play style is very PvP oriented but this a PvP server and I play by the rules. This wasn't a personal attack on you, it was just everyday business. For now, the way the rules are written out, I'm gonna continue going about collecting heads because that's what I find fun to do.
  14. Yatty ☄️

    Yatty ☄️ Yatt'em VIP Silver

    So, with Grief Prevention it adds a feature not only to the golden shovel but also to a stick. The stick allows you to see the borders of a claim if you are inside of it like this ~

    It also will show you if the block is claimed or not like so~ [​IMG]
  15. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    Hey all,

    First of all- sorry for the late reply. My son woke up with a fever this afternoon so I've been preoccupied dealing with that.

    I'll address each user individually in the order that you had them.


    DieKasta was able to gain access to your base by using /tpa to Giraffe- who, as shown in the videos above, used an Elytra to fly in to the top of the base where a small opening dropped him in to your base where you guys encountered each other. If you haven't already, I'd review Giraffe's video to see where this opening is, and close it.

    No glitches occurred, and the instance of a single spawn kill does not warrant harassment as it does seem like it was a single kill that occurred while leaving the base rather than intentionally camping an area to kill you over and over again.

    Also, to make it clear- knocking down areas that are not covered by claims are fair game. The claims system is there for a reason. You mention that you did not have time to claim it yet. I would actually suggest that you claim the area before you build- not vice versa. This will protect all of your buildings before they're even built in the future.

    Due to this, I will be marking DieKasta's section as INVALID.

    Yatty AKA RosalineRed

    Yatty appears to have entered your base through an area that was not claimed. Yatty is correct in that you can use a stick to check if a block is properly claimed and if you leave a section out- it is possible to gain entry in to your base. The picture mentioned only shows Yatty inside your base. Being inside a users claim in itself does not break any rules of the server. And as it appears that he did not enter your house using any glitches, this portion of the report is also INVALID.

    I know that you're frustrated by this, and that you have expressed that you don't want to play anymore. Keep in mind that there will be some changes to the PvP system that I hope will keep you around. You can see what has been discussed and provide suggestions of your own so far here.

    Feel free to start a conversation on here, steam, or MC if you have anymore questions.
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