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Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by AllOfYourMoney, May 16, 2021.

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  1. Name of Staff/Player:
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    Which Server:
    East 1
    Which Map:
    Minecraft B5
    Which Round:
    Round 2
    Time of Occurence:
    8:00PM East
    Reason For Report:
    I was playing on minecraft B5 as a traitor. Within just a short time of round starting I died via T trap by my T buddy.

    My T-buddy wrote in chat

    "(TRAITOR) TheLegend27: t traps"

    I reported him because I said that was unclear. There are multiple traps on the map. This is right at the beginning and is not stating whether or not he activated the traps, whether he is suggesting someone to activate the trap, or whether he is simply asking for what traps are T-traps.

    Cole immediately dismissed the report and said "Bud its pretty obvious". When I pointed out the fact that his message was very ambiguous he stated "Nah I'm not going to consider that."

    So my takeways from this situation are either: I can just bind the most unspecific thing like "t-traps", activate it with reckless abandon and be immune from punishment. Or alternatively maybe you should be specific or state that you are Activating "t-traps" and that simply dismissing my argument off-hand is not very professional of Cole.

    In the case of option 1 I will happily link back to this post whenever I get reported for an ambiguous T act.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:

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  3. RyanHymenman

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    For the rule in question, Ill paste the actual rule as stated in our extended rules

    1. You must warn if you're about to use an item, usually explosive or traps, that may cause damage to your teammates. (Includes Gauss Rifle, Frag grenades, Incendiary grenades, etc.)
    2. Must be timely and precise to be
    sufficient; must allow time for your teammates to clear the area.
  4. Thanks Ryan. Ah yes the very Precise statement of "t traps"
  5. Cole

    Cole VIP

    Hey there. In this case. I was not shying away from any kinda conversation with you at all either.

    Your takeaway also should not be that because he activated the trap 7-9 second later. I did not dismiss the report but more along the lines of the warning situation would be that he was activating all the traps in the secret room.

    Now if you wished to discuss things further - i would have had no issue in doing so, but your response was "I will forum report you if its not a slay". I am not one to shy away from being reported but to use that as a threat in my eyes, as if i am supposed to take your side for dying to a t trap that is a super obvious one such as that. Almost comes off as salty or nothing better to do with your time.

    Now in my understanding - to better wt i can do as a moderator - Wt i should have done was to inform TheLegend27 to include such things as your including activating or something along the lines of you are using such trap just to make things more clear. Double checking the extended rules also before dismissing your report. The rules do not state such things as specfically having to have such words as activate or any words stating using. Something the staff will most likely consider adding in the near future. Soooo, using my better judgement, i decided to dismiss it seeing how he did warn 5 seconds before the trap actually went off or any other traps he may have used.

    Now wt I can take away from this situation is get some more context and ask around for some answers before deciding the verdict. It is not something i enjoy adding a slay for seeing as how he followed every proper procedure - his response wasnt toxic - he was generally sorry and per the rules - he did give vital warning time before activating the traps.

    Now if Ashes has something to say by all means - but please do not threaten staff with forum reports instead of discussing things. I only stated i was not going to take into the account that saying "T-traps" isn't something i am going to argue about seeing how he gave you proper time to avoid any and all traps. Now understanding your side. It could come off as confusing but seeing as how you mention asking a question or stating for someone else to activate the traps. The same could be said for adding a question mark or adding more context to anything, any active player sees that message and knows "shit, hes gonna activate traps". Now seeing how adding one word has a big impact on that sentence. Its not something i felt super comfortable adding a slay for since he did not necessarily break any rules. I could have gotten admin discretion but seeing how i have a meeting currently going on while i am typing this, i could not stay online and dismissed the report.

    I will take any further discussion or Critism from Mr WeebMaster himself when he gets back from vacation wether it be i was correct - or i should get a spanking.

    But further note, do not try and state you are going to forum report me if i dont change my verdict to a slay. I will stick to my decision every time unless you would like to take things more proper and discuss things like actual adults.

    Thanks for your time and Enjoy your day.

    Also ignore Cheat Engine above - it is used for Wizard101 SpeedFarming ex dee
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    I've seen this. I'll deal with this later tonight
  7. Lol way to libel me. You obviously did not intend to continue the conversation as your statement was verbatim "Nah I'm not going to consider that". You can excuse me if I misheard the word "No" for the word "Nah", but I think you will get the gist.

    I am not frustrated at the guy who did it, people make mistakes, but I am frustrated at the mod who immediately dismissed it. Your responses to me were as follows: Something on the lines of "Oh this report was an easy one". When I pointed out the ambiguity you said "Bud its pretty obvious" and when I once again pointed out the ambiguity you stated that "Nah I'm not going to consider that".
    Regarding the report statement, I stated after your cut off that this would be going on the forums then. You obviously DID NOT want to discuss this. My statement was a matter of fact that I would be reporting for a staff member immediately dismissing reports and then claiming that they did their job after the fact, not a threat. Staff on this server are meant to act with a level of maturity and respect and should be willing to hear someone else's side. Now forgive me for assuming the guy telling me that he won't consider my argument is the person I should be hounding to consider my argument and not the person I should be pointing out their own issues and stating that I can bring it up on the forums if that's how they feel. Do you expect me to have a perfect friendly conversation when you have already told me you aren't going to hear anything I am saying? Cole this response is laughable. You could have done better.

    Had you said "Hey man this is kinda vague I don't feel comfortable adding a slay for it" I would not be annoyed. Hell, if you said that and you said you warned TheLegend27 about ambiguity and said if it continued to happen it would result in slays or possible slays based on discretion, I would fully agree!

    Instead your statement to me was quote "Nah I'm not going to consider that". That is definitely a mod who is willing to discuss their verdict on something and reconsider the facts. By the way, just incase it was needed, that last sentence was sarcastic.

    If you think I forum report every mod that does not give a slay when I think its warranted, that is your own prerogative. You can choose to believe that all you want and you can browse my posting history. I am pretty sure its open. But once again this is just another point where I will state it is a mods job to act above the others. Claiming to be willing to hear someone out when your actions say otherwise is not above the others. Making this whole argument that this is a personal attack on you, and not on the fact that you weren't even willing to discuss the ambiguity (hence my statement that I will be posting on the forums) is another example of not being above the others.
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  8. Ashes Relandi

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    Righto, So this'll be a quick one.

    Going through what was posted and having a chat with Cole. This'll be a valid report.

    To clarify when it comes to warnings: 2. Must be timely and precise to be sufficient; must allow time for your teammates to clear the area.

    The keyword there is precise which is the main issue here. The warning that was given by the traitor wasn't even precise to be considered sufficient. There is also no context to the phrase "t-traps" meaning there is no mention of "activation" or anything of that sort, just t-traps.
    This should have been a clear slay as that warning isn't enough. If Cole had to hesitate on this, he should have seeked an admin.

    I already spoke to Cole and mentioned this to him as well.

    To address your takeaways real quick:
    Yeah don't bind anything to just saying "t-traps" and expect immunity. It's clear in the rules that it must be "precise". For example: Activating Creeper trap, back off. or Activating the portal trap, don't use it. While still giving the time for your teammates to react.
    The latter should be used and should include what trap or location. Essentially the more precise/clear it is, the better.

    @Cole - Keep this report in mind as a reminder of your professionalism in both responding to reports and how you handled this ingame. The structure and how you addressed is poor at best and you will need to improve this. We are in a phase of transition so we still expect staff to remain professional at all times.

    If you have further questions/concerns, feel free to PM me.
    Report: Valid
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