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Invalid Report against Awoof

Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by Canceled Fish, Jul 13, 2018 at 7:06 PM.

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  1. Canceled Fish

    Canceled Fish Banned VIP

    Name of Staff/Player:
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    East 1
    Which Map:
    Which Round:
    Time of Occurence:
    9:50 est
    Reason For Report:
    Gagged me and without warning kept me gagged for over a round and a half because I randomly decided to say nigger while everyone was micspamming. Gagged me after map change despite me not receiving any warning whatsoever and not being gagged before.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    everyone in the server​
  2. HelixSpiral

    HelixSpiral Not Pb Admin Community Manager Lead Admin VIP

    He was in the middle of consulting me while I gathered the details to figure out the details behind your ban. Aluf is fine here.

    Please note-- before this report was made I had requested additional evidence for you ban from Aluf and I'm currently awaiting awaiting this. So you may see some changes regarding your ban coming soon.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.