Completed Report against AlCapone

Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by Python~, Aug 13, 2019.

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  1. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    Name of Staff/Player:
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    East 1
    Which Map:
    Which Round:
    not sure
    Time of Occurence:
    August 11th, 9:30PM
    Reason For Report:
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    Not sure why his ban was reversed. @Peach handled it while on the server, but apparently he was forgiven, so I don't have as much evidence as I would have 2 days ago.


    AlCapone called out sandspyda then PMs me telling me to look in chat for his KOS. I sent Peach this and he was banned.

    To my knowledge, sandspyda was still alive (traitors won). Nonetheless, the intent to ghost is there.​
  2. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    @Peach since he handled it originally.
  3. Peach

    Peach sweet c: Administrator VIP Silver

    Hey @Python~

    After you sent me the evidence of him ghosting to you via pm I went ahead and banned him for Ghosting (1st offense). However he later contacted me on discord regarding the ban and we talked privately about why he was banned and how what he did was ghosting. He seemed genuinely apologetic and seemed to be unaware that his pm was considered ghosting at the time.

    Since he had no prior offenses of ghosting and his ban record was pretty clean I went ahead and told him I would lift the ban but not void it. So if he gets banned for this again it would be 2nd offense.

    If you have any more questions regarding this please feel free to send me a pm.
Thread Status:
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