Replace the Intervention with an M24

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    The Intervention should have the same settings, but replaced with the M24, because the view-model is not covering most of the right half of the screen.

    What shouldn't change:

    Clip size should stay at 5

    Accuracy should stay the same

    Recoil should stay the same

    Damage should stay the same

    What should change:

    Making the scope the default TTT scope (black lines, with a red dot in the center)
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  2. Carned

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    Yup the interventions model is obnoxious and ugly, id rather we just swapped the guns completely, the m24 sounds better anyway.
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  3. The settings can stay the same but the M24s view-model looks way better, and the sound is a good bonus too.
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  4. Graze

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    I can support this.
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  5. Robokiller87

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    U have my backking lkj
  6. irritatingness

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    All for this.
  7. Togo?

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  10. Vector

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    But my 360 no scope yy ladder stalls on rust :/ no but in all seriousness +1.
  11. Young Maylay

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    This will work +1
  12. avukyi2r3

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    The m24 is one of my favorite gun +1
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  13. lewis1000

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    Yeah the Intervention gets in the way. M24 would do great to get that out the way +1
  14. Yatty

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  19. +1 for this
  20. Agent A

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    +1 for this suggestion.