Remove ttt_devoz_final

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by Hongo, Jul 9, 2019 at 8:51 PM.

  1. Hongo

    Hongo Banned VIP

    people keep spamming the super loud door and it hurts ppls ears
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  2. Its not that big of an issue, especially considering the map rarely gets chosen anyways.
  3. Rauno

    Rauno   VIP

    Or just mute the door like it was before
  4. Humancowcakes❄

    Humancowcakes❄ #FreeZ Moderator MVP

    I haven't played devoz yet since rollback, so they don't have a reason to mute it again ;)
  5. Vent Xekart

    Vent Xekart VIP Bronze

    I haven't noticed that whenever anyone is playing on the map to be honest.