Remove slippery floors and replace it with something else?

Discussion in 'Fun Rounds' started by The Cuddle Team Leader, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. The Cuddle Team Leader

    The Cuddle Team Leader Banned Elite

    slippery floors is annoying tbh and makes it so hard for people who have autohop on. it also messes up my bhop :(

    so why don't we replace it with another custom round?

    idk what to call it, but maybe @PixeL or @Opalium may know.
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  2. Rauno

    Rauno   VIP

    I think it's bad, but for completely the opposite reasons.

    You can still bhop with scroll wheel just as effectively as with autobhop, maybe even easier because of the low friction. The whole fun round really doesn't do anything other than disable scores.
  3. DarkShiny

    DarkShiny Just guilty me NOW, boi VIP Silver

    You don't even need to bhop, simply strafing on the floor is better than actual bhopping. The fun round is easy to controll with various options and thus it's basically this :
  4. Scorch

    Scorch ㄣ⃒ Silver

    It's not like the fun round happens that often to the point where it's even remotely annoying. It isn't even that bad of a mode honestly, just learn how to use the slipperiness to your advantage. I just slide around instead of trying to bhop and still get pretty far and/or finish the map.

    -1 (n)
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  5. Witchking

    Witchking VIP

    EWWWW why did i click on a dr thread
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  6. Max

    Max Active Member

    This fun round might be hard but it is not game breaking. Slippery floors is easy to bhop on sense you gain momentum easily you dont even need auto hop to bhop.
  7. -tyler

    -tyler My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    Not necessary

    Anyway, I don't think there's a need to really remove the fun round. It doesn't occur often enough to the point where people leave when it comes on. The round doesn't last that long.
    So -1, unless there's a better fun round we could replace this one with.
  8. Iuna

    Iuna Goodnight moon VIP

    The fun round I think could use some work, though I'm not exactly sure what. There are some maps where it's nearly impossible to do without trying to bhop without autojump. That said though, I don't see any reason to remove this. Deathrun is a repetitive gamemode, and the whole point of adding fun rounds is to change it up and offer a new experience to shake things up when you start to get bored. They're spaced out far enough apart that you're still playing deathrun most of the time, but you're also not doing the exact same thing over and over.

    -1, I think this and the other fun rounds make the gamemode a bit more interesting, without taking away from it too much.