Rejected Remove RDM and leave bans for any regular players

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Fun Police, Apr 23, 2018.

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  1. Fun Police

    Fun Police Legendary

    Let them serve their slays next time their on, RDM and leave should only be for the trolls who hop on servers (cough nilla) and just mass rdm then bounce, our regular players have lives, they might be pulled away by real life obligations given the number of adults we have here, why the fuck should we force someone to play a video game.

    EDIT: A key factor should be all slays are now global and not server based, this would prevent someone from region hopping and not having to suffer anytime.

    EDIT 2: Slays would still have to be served on a full round basis, if you leave the system can automatically re apply the slay.
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  2. Bowsette

    Bowsette Obey the Lawes MVP Silver Emerald

    This would lead to a lot of players feeling that regulars would have big benefits to avoid punishments over those that just started and regulars know better than anyone that if you are playing you have to be able to server slays or you shouldn't be playing in the first place. This would just lead to more dodging of slays since they wouldn't be able to ban them so people could join when no staff is on and just dodge then too.
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  3. No.
  4. Bowsette

    Bowsette Obey the Lawes MVP Silver Emerald

    You can just leave as soon as the slay has been done without playing the entire round which is why a system like this wouldn't work out plus the fact that it wouldn't be fair.
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  5. Fun Police

    Fun Police Legendary

    Slays would still have to be served on a full round basis, if you leave the system can automatically re apply the slay. I'll add this to the OP.
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  6. Bowsette

    Bowsette Obey the Lawes MVP Silver Emerald

    I would add that this is a lot of work to change a system that isn't broken and even if some rare cases it might be better than what it is right not this is far from needed(and by that I mean how the slays work and not about the regulars).
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  7. Fun Police

    Fun Police Legendary

    The part about auto adding slays is like 1 line of code, since theres already detective for when a player leaves when slain just have it run the command to run a slay to their steamid from console. Global slays would be a bit trickier but I know for a fact highwon and opal could do it in a weekend or less so easily.
  8. Bowsette

    Bowsette Obey the Lawes MVP Silver Emerald

    It still doesnt meant its needed and worth using time on.
  9. Glacies

    Glacies nothing VIP Bronze


    but i can see ur point tho
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  10. TomCat™

    TomCat™ MVP Emerald Bronze

    While I completely agree with this in it's ideal, it just looks bad to new players. SGM's main draw in the rules is the fair and universal application of them. That, at least in appearances, is completely broken by this one. In the eyes of a new player, or just someone who lacked a nuanced understanding of the rules, they would see this as biased and ridiculous, even if it was enforced perfectly.

    I think if we made the appeal process quicker/more readily approved by staff, we could accomplish much the same effect without damaging server reputation.
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  11. This is a bad idea in general, both in attracting new players and retaining them.

    We have plenty of toxic regulars who probably would jump at the opportunity to abuse this, as well.

    Furthermore, it'd be really easy to argue what exactly constitutes a regular in the inevitability that someone who thinks they're a "regular" gets banned for RDM and leave.
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  12. UncleBee

    UncleBee VIP

    oh look we got the pro software engineer over here, who knows how to code very well
    and according to him this code is going to be very hard to create! cuz hes so pro at coding just awo
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  13. MangoTango

    MangoTango Fly Me to the Moon VIP Silver Emerald

    One of the worst suggestions regarding bans ever. It's only a matter of time before this is locked.
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  14. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    I'll just deny this now. I don't see why we should give regulars any level of preference over a normal player.
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