Rejected Remove moat.** tags from peoples forum usernames

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Floof, Oct 18, 2018.

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  1. silverstevie

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    I used to be part of a CSS community (Community A), where we had a simmilar policy in effect - if someone with a particular tag in their name from another community (Community B), our protocol as staff was to bypass the warn step for username and start with kicking with reason being to change username. The other community had the same rule in effect.
    Then community B decides to try and fuck up Community A for some reason. massive forum spamming, in game trolling, and several DDoS attempts - shitton of skript kiddies who followed a wikihow probably (I still have no fucking idea why, don't ask)
    So in the end, -1 for banning it in usernames
  2. Opalium

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    As the others said, in-game names are not a problem. There are many players who have all kinds of community names in their steam name. The logistics of forcing them to change their name are pretty tedious and can cause a lot of inconvenience, while the effect is minimal. I don't see a need to change that.

    As for the forums, such a name violates rule #7. Temar said it right - there's no reason for them to have it in their forum name other than advertising, so I can't see any reason to allow this.

    Both situations are already covered, so there's no need to change anything.
    Thanks for suggesting.
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