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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by RellikPorpATon, Apr 26, 2015.

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  1. RellikPorpATon

    RellikPorpATon New Member

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    Why you should be unbanned:
    Banned for calling an admin out on activating a T trap
    Evidence of Innocence:
    I was banned for 62 days for calling out an admin on activating a T trap. I would like to be unbanned because its justifiable in every way. The player that activated the T trap ran strait at me Activated the crap and ran to the left. I called him out and he said "Why KOS me bitch?" I replied with "You activated a T trap. Traitors are the only players that can activate traps." He continued to rant about how its not justifiable and then was killed. Shortly after the trap he activated killed me. The admin was infact a T and did activate the trap. I said "Your an idiot im joining the others servers" Later i tried getting on that same server and was banned for 62 days. I feel this admin needs to be taken down a notch and should be talked to abouthis attitude. Im not 100% on the admin because i was so pissed i was just worried about typing. If i had a list of admins i could point him out.​
  2. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    Hello @RellikPorpATon! I hope you are having a wonderful evening.

    You were banned by @MrEvanJ | SP for RDM and Leave 5th offense. He will respond as soon as possible.

    EDIT: You are also banned on East by @Turquoise for Hacking, if you would like to comment on that as well.

    Also what you actually said to the mod was not "Your an idiot im joining other servers" It was actually "your a dumb fgt. Have fun on this server"

    As a note: You cannot KOS based on T traps. The reason for that being is that they can be activated through walls and some from great distances. Just because there was only 1 player in your sight, doesn't mean a player around a corner or half way across the map didn't activate the trap.
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  3. RellikPorpATon

    RellikPorpATon New Member

    Actually just saying T traps connt be activated more than like 500 feet away. The buttons disapear. Also I dont ever remeber hacking. I play alot of Gmod, counterstrike and other FPS so im really good with a weapon. I wouldnt rist my reputation with aimbot or anything else. If you dont believe me thats fine. Also Im not sure where the 5th offence came from but whatever.
  4. Ravin

    Ravin Determination VIP

    As we had spoken briefly on West 1. I did inform you that assumption of - "activating a trap, being near a T door, or if the T Door opens and you do not go in" are not KoSable.

    I know you wanted a more in-depth explanation of your ban, this is why I pointed you to the appeal thread

    Please review what @Noctorious stated above.
  5. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    According to your adminstats you have 4 previous RDM and Leave bans. That's what 5th 0ffense means, it's the 5th time you've been banned for RDM and Leave.

    EDIT: If you would like more detail on your previous bans feel free to PM me. I would rather not share full detail here in public.
  6. MrEvanJ

    MrEvanJ On my grave I want VIP not RIP VIP

    Hello @RellikPorpATon I hope you are having a wonderful night. Lets get straight to the ban, You kos'ed me for activating a T trap where you were surrounded by T's I just wanted to be the one to kill you. After this you proceeded to KOS me because of the trap which is not allowed. Because this resulted in my death I reported you because of it. Then instead of talking to me about it you just left. You said some very unkind words so I went ahead and banned you.
    Next time: Just serve your full slay and this would not be a problem. You could have also familiarized yourself with the rules enough to know you cannot kos for that. So I will give you time to respond to this before I make any judgment. But note this is your FIFTH OFFENCE OF RDM AND LEAVE, so be carefull when you play on the servers.
  7. RellikPorpATon

    RellikPorpATon New Member

    Ok yes i realize my actions should have been different. I apologize for every bit of it. Also i would like to say I havfe been banned because I way slayed and then left the server not realizing its an RDM and leave. I now know this and take every bit of responsibility for my actions. Ill take a ban for what happened. I just feel that 62 days is a very large number.
  8. MrEvanJ

    MrEvanJ On my grave I want VIP not RIP VIP

    This appeal will be denied, because this is your 5th offence of rdm and leave you seem to have not learned your lesson. By now you should know better than to act the way you did. You will serve your ban and use it as time to cool-off and readjust your play styles and your temper otherwise your bans will get longer and longer. If you want to further discuss this contact me on the forums or on steam.
    Oh and another thing your ban was only half of the time I can only ban for 8w at max it will soon be the full time. (16w global)
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