Answered Regarding my ban (Admin+)

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  1. Leo

    Leo The One Eyed Ghoul VIP Silver

    Now I realize this might be seen as instigating but its not I have no ill will here and just want some questions answered from a admin+ So, I was banned for calling alpha a troll which was somehow instigating? Can you explain this he himself didn’t care which he stated as well as he called himself a troll right after... some other evidence brought up was valid yes orions image of me being a toxic piece of shit was a valid piece of evidence but I was banned for the troll comment... my issue is I am trying to be less toxic and had no idea saying someones a troll would get me banned also on the same topic I was told calling someone dumb is harassment ? Now don’t go quoting the harassment rule and saying oh blah blah if the person feels harassed it’s harassment. I’ve been warned for calling someone dumb when they didn’t care at all at this point it kinda feels like I have a big red X on my back to be a target
  2. Pacifist

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    You got banned because you are constantly trying to start fights in shoutbox and calling someone a troll has the potential to start a fight, thus, instigating. It also seemed like you two were kind of fighting a bit, but that may just be me.
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  3. Leo

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    thanks but i’d prefer a admins view to be clear and precise and based on me and his replies it was clear it wasn’t anywhere near a fight
  4. Nathan776

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    What are you asking? If you are out in shoutbox trying to start a fight with people, it can be considered instigating drama. This is something you do pretty frequently. Yeah, there was some evidence regarding a back and forth between you and alpha. I'd probably of told you to knock it off for the situation. There was also the other evidence mentioned of you harassing Orion - which is the likely cause of you being banned.