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Discussion in 'Minecraft Suggestions' started by IAmRelapse, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. IAmRelapse

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    Posting a new thread for the suggestion of reducing loading times by reducing the multiplayer chunk cache value on the server to somewhere in between 150-250. This would benefit all those who has an internet connection comparable to Mcdonald's WiFi.
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  2. EhhChris

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    What kind of down/up speeds do you have? The server isn't sending you every cached chunk every time you log in, you're only sent the chunk you're in and a handful of chunk neighbors.
  3. IAmRelapse

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    I have 3mbps up and down. this is normal, at peak it gets to 10Mbps(Yes i have a pretty bad ISP). It wasn't like this before, and i can only login in the game with fast chunk loading at peak times(when its like 1am)