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  1. MyriadOfChaos

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    So after a long day of -REDACTED- I finally got my -REDACTED-. I spent multiple -REDACTED- trying to find the right one and I finally did. Now to just sit back and -REDACTED- the day away. Ill be glad to help anyone -REDACTED- their -REDACTED- if they ask. And just so everyone know, the proper way to -REDACTED- is to use plenty of -REDACTED- so that you dont damage the -REDACTED- in the process of retrieving it otherwise youll end up -REDACTED-as shown below.

    -REDACTED- Yours,
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  2. Miss Alice

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    Someone's spent a little too much time browsing the SCP wiki.
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  3. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    That's nice.
  4. MyriadOfChaos

    MyriadOfChaos It was fun.... VIP

    Nah there is no such things as "Too much time" when it comes to SCPs. I adore that website :3
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  5. pup

    pup Princess Pup

    r u ok
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  6. Viral☣

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    hes fine he has a major case of the -REDACTED-.He will be fine in a few days/years
  7. That was genius.
  8. J.T.Ripper

    J.T.Ripper Ughuuuu. VIP

    Best SCP is SCP-504, code named Critical Tomatos. Look it up, get a great laugh.
  9. Nope, overly attached mailbox is better.
  10. J.T.Ripper

    J.T.Ripper Ughuuuu. VIP

    Wait wait wait... Overly attached mailbox? What is the number to that one?
  11. SCP-1269, stalker mailbox (got the name wrong)
    its hilarious.