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  1. This has been added to all servers!

    So currently the map voting selection screen is sorting the maps by alphabetical order. This
    means that any maps with a letter at the beginning like S or Z barely get played. Most players simply look at the first few maps on the top and vote for them, leaving the bottom of maps barely ever selected unless by random map.

    If the map order is randomized, maps such as spacecraft and stadium might be put at the top therefore getting picked more often.

    (Also this means less 67th way and assault!!!)

    EDIT: As Phyton pointed out, the Random Map option should stay in the top left corner always
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  2. .shirt

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  3. Python~

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    Wouldn't hurt, +1

    Just keep Random Map at the top left
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  4. Adrian Shephard

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  5. ECHO-6251

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    Yes +1
  6. stakkuu

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    +1 Another option, albeit a bad one, is to get rid of map choices and just only random maps. :thinking:
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  7. Scotty

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    Not a bad idea. I like it!
  8. (ØČĐ)™ Atlas ︻デ═一

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    This was added by Highwon. MLG
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  10. This has been added onto the West server (other servers prob being updated soon aswell)

    god damn it xproplayer ninja'd me
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  11. Pacifist

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    but make the time for voting longer so I fucking find the map I want to play. Not like I memorize the order anyway so +1

    Edit: ez
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