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Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by PwnageKO, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. PwnageKO

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    Quick question regarding rule 8 for the Discord.
    8. Do not advertise other communities, game servers or similar things.

    If I wanted to share a website that I think is cool that also has a discord, can I share the links to that website and it's discord? The website is unrelated completely to Gmod.

    Thanks nerds.
  2. j3kawesome

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    What is the website for?
  3. PwnageKO

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    It's a website/community dedicated to preserving various flashpoint games before they cut support soon. I figured some people in the community may or may not have some they liked and would want to see if they have them already.

    The website is

    More or less, what types of community advertising isn't allowed? I assume it would be more geared towards limiting gaming community advertisements, but is this type of stuff fine?
  4. Elvis

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    This rule is more focused towards those players that hop on to advertise their own GMod community. Advertising can be seen as saying “join ________”.