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    In this thread, I'll be responding to "Ask me anything" questions. Feel free to ask a question, and I'll guarantee an answer.
    • Will it be very long and drawn out, sometimes even going off topic? You bet!
    • Will you be satisfied with my answer? Maybe!
    • Will I even answer your question? Yes. It may be vague and unconvincing, but yes!
    Feel free for anything. I'm looking for the type of stuff you don't ask regularly, something perhaps you've always wanted to ask someone. It can be very tame too, that's your deal. When do you get the chance to ask someone any question? Perhaps in a blue moon or two. Go ahead, I'm as open of a book as the Magic Tree House. Sure I looked pretty on the cover, but damn it got weird one page it.
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  2. Cock-cola or Penis?
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    Well I see two very different questions here my friend so I'll keep this short and definitely NOT go on a tangent.

    The first question I saw was actually the one I mistakenly read. "Coca-Cola or Pepsi?" is a common question I DON'T hear all the time. Usually by looking at me, or knowing the slightest bit about me, you'll know that I definitely am a Coca-Cola person. There's no doubt in my mind, as I drink that shit 24/8. I have a couple 2 liters down stairs brewing up right now. They might as well make me a brand ambassador for the copious amounts I drink. In fact, they tell me I have a severe addiction but I can stop if I want to, but there's no reason to stop and I like the taste. It's nice and cold, bubbly and tasty. I don't get a high from it, and I don't drink water so if you cut me off of Coke, I'm going to literally die from dehydration. Do I have a problem? No. So am I a Coke guy or a Pepsi guy? It's almost like a Target or Wal-Mart question, actually suspiciously related to a Red and Blue difference. They're related with a certain type of wealth. Perhaps by creating these differences in a mere color scheme, we have selectively divided society by wealth even further. Not only has money driven us apart, but it has turned us into a Red vs Blue type situation. Perhaps if we all realized this, maybe we could actually come and talk about it. Perhaps we could settle with a bottle of Sprite. Want a Sprite, cranberry?

    For the second and actual question, Cock-Cola or Penis? I'm not sure what Cock-Cola is, so I'll be forced to say Penis since I at least know what it is. It's actually quite a great part of the body. Imagine being able to relieve yourself of any liquid excrement by a simple tube. It's easy to access, nothing much blocks the way, you can aim it and when your done you shake twice and put it away. Such a simple yet clever device. Plus, it's a great organ for sexual intercourse. Mostly the same procedure as before, yet you shake it more than twice and the genie comes out. Would you like a child? No? Well stop bothering it. The penis is quite a great appendage. What a wonderful thing to have.
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  4. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane Gold VIP

    If I am a duck, but everyone else is a quack, how do I have a meaningful relationship?
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  5. Mothman

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    What is 17 to the power of 2 pls bro I have a exam coming up
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  6. Panduh

    Panduh I love ass VIP

    How do you get rid of horny?
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  7. Orion

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    Will you come to Brazil???????
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  8. are you an antifa member
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  9. BlueGalaxy

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    What is the recipe to the krusty krab secret formula
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  10. May I ask a second question?
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  11. LeBlonde James

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    Of course. If we're going to jump on specifics, are you one of the following:
    1. Dabbling Duck
    2. Diving Duck
    3. Eider
    4. Goldeneye
    5. Merganser
    6. Perching Duck
    7. Scoter
    8. Sea-Duck
    9. Whistling-Duck
    If you answered yes, then you do not have a truly meaningful relationship with anything of a quack related sort. This is because, unlike their quackness, your goal is not to quack. Therefore you do not understand.
    However if you are a:
    • Domestic Duck
    • Teal
    • Stifftail
    then you do have a truly gracious relationship to anything of a quack sort. This is because you are a duck, and they are a quack. You quack, they quack, you understand their quack.
    If you are a duck in general you will have a relationship, as simple as a symbiotic one, with everything because Ducks are godsend to make sure the world is happier. However, you may or may not quack.
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    What kind of math are you doing? This is completely advanced compared to the typical Garrys Mod player. However, I got big brains so I'll explain the answer.
    17 to the power of 2 is 289. "How do I get this?" you may ask, and to which I'll respond with the following formula.

    17 + 17 = 34
    * 2 = 68
    / (17-2) = 4.533
    * (17+2) = 86.133
    * (always) 3 = 258.4
    = (decimal left once) 2584
    / 17 = 152
    *2 = 304
    +(-17+2) = 289
    Formula of an x^y problem= (((((x*4)/(x-y))*(x+y)(3)*10)/x)*y)+(-x+y)
    I hoped this helped, Moleman. Good luck on your exam!
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    How do you get rid of horny. Though my answer will also be vague and unconvincing, this question is as well. What do you mean from the word horny? or the action verb "to get rid of". I'll try my best.

    The mindset of being horny is a simple spell but it's quite unbreakable. Many people feel horny when they experience an overt amount of libido. It's completely normal to feel horny when visualizing a sexual act, often tied to a social norm for what is or isnt sexual. These can be the sight of a pair of heavy supple breasts on a woman's chest, or seeing Thunder from Down Under (the male strip show performed in Las Vegas). It can also come from an irreaction from the brain, often caused from damage or miscommunication. Sometimes this comes from physical action against ones genitalia, or the physical movements of a person such as running or rock climbing. Sometimes it can come from something socially irregular, such as being in a classroom environment or a playground. It can come from eating lunch or simply drinking alcohol. Taking medicine designed to release libido can obviously be a factor as well. To get rid of this is to rid of human nature and desire. Often times, getting rid of it can lead to enhanced confused desire sexually. Take a look at the scandals Priests often fall into, as their life is about celibacy and they fall into an confused desire toward the unnatural pleasures. Getting rid of it often times requires extreme mental trauma or psychological damage (as seen in A Clockwork Orange) or by taking physical action against the brain by surgery (on or off market). Be careful what you wish for, as this can possibly break someone into committing atrocities. According to Richard Spencer, Adolf Hitler's main reason for the war was because he suffered genital trauma. As a result, he felt in-superior to other men and decided to take political action against those who have genital trauma as well (a way to fight the thing he hates the most) often times those are the Jewish people and anyone else who has experienced what he goes through. In result, we have what was known as the great purge. He considered one species sexually superior, while putting anyone who he thought to be insufficient in sexual activity (men with castration) into camps to reeducate them about sex.

    By getting rid of it mentally, it can drive a person to commit sexual violence to make up for their lack of being inactive. It can also drive someone to become so weak, since they can't process a normal human activity, making them become a lifeless husk.
    Taking physical action against genitalia can result in a world war that destroyed central Europe for a decade and a half.
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  14. Cloudy

    Cloudy Elite

    What do you think of the future TikTok ban?
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  15. LeBlonde James

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    Actually I was wanting to visit Brazil for quite a while. As an outsider, it might sound typical.
    • The rich Rainforest
    • Pantanal wetland
    • the natural cave formations
    • see a Capybara or two
    • Brazil has some unique Spanish ruins
    • Sao Paulo is an upcoming financial center of the Americas
    However with the handling of the virus down in Brazil (y'all are wack), I'd say it'll be a while to visit.
    Plus, I still need to cross of Italy, London, Morocco and China to cross off. I'd probably visit Argentina and see myself some Penguins too.
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    Gee, you didn't need to throw it in my face. I'm reporting you for harassment, see you in court cuz Judge Lordy will handle the case.
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    Due to the recent branding of Antifa as a Terrorist Organization, I'd probably say anyone should avoid a 'yes' answer for now.
    Antifa, like many things, is a one sentence organization based on a simple principle that obviously is agreeable.
    However, like every single organization, you can slap the badge on and call yourself proud, but aside from the once sentence, it also slaps 10x more actions on top of it.
    Being part of Antifa doesn't mean you're 100%, but it's so simple to call yourself that. They have millions of people in their name, but you're not truly antifa until you're the thousands who perform.
    So no I'm not Antifa at all. I haven't masked up and grabbed my bike lock, in fact I'm a bootlicker for Authoritarianism China so I'd say I'm quite ways away from being anti-government. Facism bad tho.
  18. LeBlonde James

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    A question asking a question when specifically already asked one question before hand. You'd not only be asking two questions, but three, if I said yes. It's weird how that happens honestly.
    I'll deem you the ability to ask all the questions you want. Whether that be 20,3, or 7. Just remember to save some space for others. (y)
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    The Krabby Patty is made from set ingredients:

    Kaiser Roll Bun w/ Sesame Seeds
    Roma Tomato
    Green Nori Lettuce
    Havarti Cheese
    Falafel Patty Burger
    Gherkin Pickles
    Kaiser Roll Bottom Bun
    Made with it's most important ingredient: Love

    Oh, and a Diet Dr. Kelp for the drink.
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    Like many other apps on the store, TikTok has fallen victim to a scary amount of hype. After the death of Vine, TikTok became the teens new obsession. It spread like wild fire, all the kids ranging from 6-20 have TikTok and browse it constantly. It's a creative hub for everything and all things video creation. An easy source for entertainment, it's almost a more game intuitive version of Youtube. There are creators of content that upload to TikTok, or use TikTok professionally. They range from creative dances, vlogs, music, simple jokes or memes and all of the above. Porn has even found it's home on a TikTok like app if you're into that. With the heavy copious amounts of users on TikTok, many parents fear it has taken over like a drug. Much like the war on drugs, the scared White Parents of today coward in fear of the neon god they made. Why is that? Is it because their children now have a new focus in life aside from Baseball and School Band? Is it because the Chinese are slowly turning us over to their side?

    The idea that "kids these days are too distracted with ___" has been used for a millennia. It's a catch on phrase orchestrated to make the older generations believe that they had the better life. However, they made the life their kids live, they made it easier for them in every shape and form. The idea that "I used to walk 20 miles to school, now you take a bus" is literally an "I am better than you" gotcha from the parents, yet it literally means "you have it easier and I am jealous". The early 1400s used to not even know what a Printing Press is, and barely knew how to read. They were impoverished and distraught, learned nothing but the trade their fathers taught them. Whether it be shoe making, clock work or gardening, that was their kids life. However, how dare they sing songs and go play with the other kids? How dare the kids read books made possible by the Printing press because back then "we used oils to paint, we didn't read like this new generation". The 1800s saw the rise of the locomotive, the automobile and a telephone. We saw Newspapers start to take a rise near the end, and that was the kids focus. I remember I had an Xbox, and my parents bitched about how games like GTA Vice City was teaching me how to shoot up places and treat women. "You were always on that damn Xbox", and so they created the war on Video Games. It was the pedophiles trying to message me through my PSP and my Pokemon games. It was the gangs who tried to recruit me on Halo matchmaking and my clan tag. I call it the "Cold War" phenomena, where there's always an invisible enemy trying to destroy the fabric of society. It was those damn Spanish in the 1800s, those damn Germans in the 1900s, then to the damn Russians in 1960s to the 90s. Now it's the damn internet pedophiles and trolls, and the Chinese and still those damn Russians. The drugs and the video games, the neon screens. Making all of our kids do dances in front of the iPhones to the sound of Nicki Minaj, the booty girl that did the super bass song. He was decieved by a lie, we all were. After the death of Machine Gun Kelly, Bono from U2 became her new apprentice. Nicki Minaj was the sith lord we've been looking for.

    TikTok is just another scare that is intensified very unjustly by the media and the middle class parents of the suburbs. Just echo chamber what the facebook and the fox tells you honey. Are the Chinese really spying on us through TikTok? Maybe. But what the fuck are they learning from it? Like seriously, what are they learning that they already don't know from 7 year old Little Jimmy's iPhone. That's just another person learning our most inner deepest desires. We have the CIA, the FBI, the Chinese Government, the Russian Twitter Trolls, the Pornhub Accountants, the Amazon Accountants, Mark Zuckerburgs true AI self, all the damn cookies from the websites you visit, Netflix learns from your Hulu account, Twitch knows who's watching the titty streamers, Disney is taking over the world one company at a time, one old shit living in Manhattan owns everything and we live in Elon Musk's test run simulation. Everything I said is completely 110% true, but go ahead and attack TikTok. lol