Put both Staff Team threads in General Discussion

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by ink, May 19, 2018.

  1. ink

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    Since probably Opalium went through the trouble of formatting both of them with the same things, and calling them both "Staff Team", I think it'd be a lot for convenient to have both the threads either combined or kept separate but just moved to general discussion. Staff Team is a staff team whichever mode you're playing and we already have a [TTT] and [Deathrun] tag on either so it's not like they would get confused. The general discussion is above the discussion for TTT and it'd be a lot of milliseconds saved from scrolling if you did this. Plus, it's not like we have forums and Discord staff, so a staff on Deathrun actually does matter (surprised me too) to a TTT player, and should thus be General and part of the team.
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  2. Solar

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    As long as you don't remake it, sure. Don't ruin the most viewed thread on the forums.
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