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    What is the Public Test Server?
    The public test server (or PTS for short) is a special server instance, separate from the rest of our servers, that acts as our "testing grounds" for new content and changes. Any changes to our games servers will first be implemented in the PTS, allowing the players to try them before they reach the live servers. This way, our team can gather feedback, discover bugs and highlight issues.

    How can I access the PTS?
    Access to the PTS is open to everyone and does not require any registration. To access the PTS, all you need to do is subscribe the workshop addon linked above to make sure you have the latest content. After that, just click the "Connect" button above to connect to the PTS.

    What's with all the lag/bugs?
    The PTS, as the name indicates, is a test server. This means the content in it is not always finished, tested or stable. There will often be times where prototype ideas and unfinished systems will be installed to the PTS to gather early feedback and find bugs.
    In addition, due to not being a full-fledged server, the PTS runs on a smaller and cheaper server, isolated from the rest of SGM's game network. Add in the fact that not all of the content available in the PTS is fully stable, and you can understand that the PTS is more likely to lag, crash or run into issues.
    Of course, the developers will constantly monitor the server and make sure to resolve any issues, but if you are looking for a smooth, bug-free experience, the PTS is not for you. Instead, you are free to join our various live game servers, which do not suffer from all these issues.

    Are my premium ranks/pointshop content/stats available in the PTS?
    No. The PTS is isolated from the main game network of SGM, living in its own separate instance. This means that nothing that happens in the PTS will affect the live servers and vice versa. In addition, premium ranks are completely disabled in the PTS, as all of the content is available to everyone.

    What are the rules of the PTS?
    The PTS follows our community and game rules as usual unless the current session is in "Directed Mode". More details about this below.
    Punishments work the same as well, with one exception: the PTS team may issue permanent bans to trouble-makers without warning. We don't plan to waste our time on discipline and behavior issues, so if you plan to cause trouble, you won't stay there for long. Unlike our main servers, access to the PTS is a privilege and can be revoked at any time by the server team. Should you be issued such a ban, you will not be able to appeal it. Let's avoid this.
    Lastly, due to not being a live server, the PTS will be staffed less often. While staff members can still staff the PTS just like any other server when they have some free time, most of our staffing efforts will go towards the main servers. We also do not handle forum reports for the PTS unless it's very urgent.

    What is "Directed Mode"?
    From time to time, the developers will enable "Directed Mode" in the PTS. This is a special mode where different aspects of the main game are changed to allow better testing of different systems and features. For example: during weapon testing, the developers will enable "Directed Mode" to change the game into a deathmatch-style game to put an emphasis on using the weapons as much as possible. This is, of course, very situational and depends on the requirements of the developers.
    In addition, during Directed Mode, some rules may be ignored. Taking the above example, during the deathmatch game, RDM rules will obviously be ignored.
    When Directed Mode is active, a visual indicator will be shown to all players to inform them it's enabled and explain what differences are applied. Only the development team can trigger Directed Mode - not just any staff member.

    Is the PTS always online?
    Not necessarily. There will be times where the PTS will be down for maintenance or set to limited-access mode. The PTS will also be shut down when test batches are finished, in preparations for the next batch and for updating the live servers. Make sure to check the announcements in this forum, where we will detail the timeframes of each batch and any other details.

    What is Limited-Access mode?
    The PTS will occasionally also be used for private testing sessions with specific groups of people. This means that the wide public will not be able to join it until said sessions are done. This will be either through the use of a server password, or a whitelist system. When in Limited-Access mode, the server name will indicate it to avoid confusion.

    I will update this as more questions are asked.
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