Proof that the AK is overpowered

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by RyanHymenman, Nov 6, 2020.

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  2. Can we ban ak-47 for hacking ?
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  3. wubby

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    sl8 > ak
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  4. Wojack

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    just get good ok
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  5. Cash

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    Throw a barrel up there and you lag the hell out of the server, crash if the barrel doesn't come unstuck :)
  6. thog

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    ahhahaahahaaaahhahaahh!!! ahahhh!! hahaha!!!!! haa!!
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  7. iizzy

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    "The helicopter went down today when a stray bird got stuck in the rotor, causing a blockage that caused the engine to malfunction and overheat.

    Wait, our sources are now telling us that this was not a bird, rather it appears to have been a Russian-crafted Kalashnikov rifle with a milled receiver and a downward-folding metal stock. Isn't nature beautiful?"
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  8. what
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    colt - deagle
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    gonna in gonna go pee my pant pants rn