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Denied PrinceRising's Appeal

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by PrinceRising, Mar 6, 2018.

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  1. PrinceRising

    PrinceRising Member

    Your In Game Nickname:
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Why you should be unbanned:
    Tbh I don't even know why I was banned, could've sworn I checked and made sure I had no reports/slays on me before I got off to go to sleep ( was 9:30 PM )
    I'll serve a slay if needed just no clue why the ban happened​
    Evidence of Innocence:

  2. Snowflake❄️

    Snowflake❄️ Dork Moderator VIP+ Bronze

    I'll tag @Temar for you. He'll respond with evidence for your RDM and Leave ban when he's available.

    Please patiently wait until then. As the ban is local, you're welcome to play on our other servers in the meantime.
  3. Temar

    Temar Moderator VIP

    Your right there wasnt a report against you but rather a report from you

    Now just pushing someone and not damaging isnt Slayable so your report against him is invalid, however based on the fact that you shot him for this you had committed RDM
    normally someone trying to push someone off something that will hurt or kill is traitorous and your ok to shoot but in this case it was a detective and you can not shoot a detective for a traitorous act
  4. PrinceRising

    PrinceRising Member

    So this counts for a ban because I wasn't online when you looked over the report? sorry I don't have the time to be on fucking 24/7
  5. Agent A

    Agent A Veni, vidi, vici VIP Silver Emerald

    Retagging @Temar to remind him about the ban appeal.
  6. Temar

    Temar Moderator VIP

    Oh yes sorry I was considering unbanning however not voiding as the ban it self was valid
    Since this has now expired I'll so go ahead and deny this

    Appeal: Denied
Thread Status:
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