Political Throwdown (part 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pacifist, Feb 10, 2019.

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    There has been a 60% reduction in Earth's wildlife since the 70's. no source just heard about it
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    Maybe one day people will be able to swap consciousnesses n shit so like, dudes that wanna be a girl could just find a girl that wants to be a dude and then everyone can be happy
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    With the Mental Illness side of things, I only know what I've experienced and certain things within my own country, the United Kingdom. This was one of the reasons I tried not to talk about it in my original post, along with the fact that it's the most talked about argument about Trans people being banned from the military. As for it being classed as a mental illness, I'm unsure, but it seems to be recognised as one by the American Psychiatric Association.

    Is it offensive? Yes.
    Does this mean anything? No, everything has the opportunity to be offensive, just take a judgement call and don't be an ass when it's not needed. :shrug:
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  5. -tyler

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    It shouldn't be offensive to call Gender Dysphoria a mental illness. Dysphoria happens because of your brain, you feel more comfortable in a woman's body (or man's). Yet your hormones are conflicting with that. It is an illness, it is something going wrong in your brain. Does this mean Transgender people are bad? No. Being transgender should be and is completely fine. I completely support them. But what they experience in the brain, is an illness. There should be no doubt about that.
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  6. Espurr

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    I really don't like people who only vote one side because "that's the only side that's right" take a minute and look at who is running and vote for whom alligns with you best.
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  7. Dani

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    Yeah, I kinda feel like getting offended at that is kinda offensive towards other people with mental illnesses. Like it's a really shameful thing to have a mental illness for some reason?
  8. -tyler

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    Yeah, as someone who has multiple diagnosed illnesses. It's a bit insulting to get so offended when someone suggests you might have an illness.
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  9. Zypther

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    I disagree.
    Gender: either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones
    Dysphoria:a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.
    Gender Dysphoria: the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex.

    so to break that down, together it means that it is a dissatisfaction with the biological sex because of gender/mental belief.

    It is a mental illness because it is a mental belief disrupting the biological job we are given by having a specific sex.

    you shouldn't take offense to that, at least in my belief and experience with mental illness, because, well www.psychiatry.org describes it better than me.
    Mental Illness...
    refers collectively to all diagnosable mental disorders — health conditions involving
    Significant changes in thinking, emotion and/or behavior
    Distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities
    There is a significant change in thinking and behavior. I don't care if you say you were 4 and wanted to grow trans, the 4 years before that you were as a baby growing, and becoming a boy/girl. Behavior, one day you decided you didn't want to be with girls/guys in that lovey dovey way, and wanted to change yourself to the opposite gender.

    In many cases, you can no longer reproduce. It is harder for you to be in social spaces because you don't fit in with either gender now, as many transgender people are unhappy about( transgender MtoF being upset they cannot get pregnant, and vice versa).

    and the other thing is the stigma of mental illness. everyone thinks its a bad thing, and it means they are degrading you as a human being or whatever. They aren't, it is literally something that describes you as having to go through more difficulties through life. Which is exactly what transgender people have to deal with. Now I disagree with the people saying they need help and medication and this and that(besides their transitioning meds/procedures.) to help them un-transgender-fy themselves. And that is a stigma I believe we need to change.

    Please dont take this as me bashing Trangenders, if you do, you didnt read the whole thing.
  10. Sticky Bandit

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    Yes, and that's why trans people aren't allowed in the military.

    Source: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition

    Since Dani's brought up a topic that eventually led to the last thread being locked and I'm saying controversial things, remember to keep this civil. Plz no flamewars k thx
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  11. MemeDaddy

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    yee lets not let the demographic with the highest KYS rates join the military, which suffers the most casualties from KYS cases. bad idea
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  12. Python~

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    If being transgender is an illness, should being homosexual not also be an illness? I'm not strawmanning, but attempting to make a point. One can argue that being transgender is a sexual orientation, as with homosexuality, bisexuality, or asexuality, yet there is no ban on gay men in the military. However, I can see how being transgender might be a mental illness like how depression is a mental illness. Although, being mentally ill should not completely exclude you from serving. Given the fact that a transgender person simply is uncomfortable with their own genitalia, this should not affect their performance in the armed forces. Anything about how they cost more to provide and care for is bullshit.
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  13. -tyler

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    Being transgender and having a sexual orientation is different. You can identify as male and yet still like males. Which would make you a homosexual. Homosexuality however can't be classified as an illness, due to their being no conflict or chemical imbalabce in your brain. Unlike someone with Gender dysphoria. Having depression is not something we discriminate for. So in my opinion being transgender shouldn't be something we discriminate for either. As their is no choice. (You shouldn't discriminate anyone really, for anything)
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  14. Dani

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    Being transgender is something that makes you intrinsically unhappy. It's the state of wanting to be something that you're not. Your mind is telling you, for example, that you can't be happy unless you're a woman, but you're a man.

    Being homosexual isn't a bad thing. It means you wanna suck dick and you can go outside and do just that and everyone's happy.

    Now if you were only attracted to men but your mind somehow can only make you happy if you have sex with women, then that would be a big problem, and as much of a mental illness as gender dysphoria is.

    You cannot argue that being transsexual is a sexuality, because it just isn't. It might be confusing because it ends in "-sexual" and it's part of the LGBT abbreviation with three other sexualities. Sexuality is about who you're attracted to. Transsexual means you identify as a different gender than what your body is. You can be any combination of Gender identity (cis/trans) + sexual orientation (hetero/homo/bi/a), but you can't be cis and trans, or bi and homo.
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  15. DocFox

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    Just wanted to let you know that the military is pretty much the one thing that should be allowed to discriminate. Certain Ages, genders, and mental illnesses are not allowed to serve in some positions.
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  16. MemeDaddy

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    You tell em Sarnt
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  17. Dani

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    Because you said it's the "one thing" that should be allowed to discriminate: Do the reasons for the military discriminating against those things not also apply to other institutions in which performance is important? Should we not discriminate against age in sports teams? Should people with certain mental illnesses really be allowed to become teachers or caretakers? I mean, depending on the kind and severity of mental illness, any job should be allowed to discriminate against it, really.
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  18. Zypther

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    No. Because the military is national security, I dont think I should go apply for the military because I have aspergers, and I would not do well, in the stressful, and socially straining environment.

    It isn't the same as being a teacher, or being a athlete, because their job does not endanger other people's lives. It doesnt affect a group of people that are risking their lives out there to help the world.

    Teachers=/=military jobs
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  19. DocFox

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    Performance based things are something that isn't discrimination, but rather simple selection.

    For the military, you could be a fit 50 year old guy, but because you're 50, you won't be allowed to serve.
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  20. Siddo

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    Ne'er have I e'er heard the argument that being transgender/having gender dysphoria is a sexual orientation. That seems farfetched to me. And even if it were; apart from Jasper really, really liking it when his alpha as fuck CO yells at him, he'd be normal functioning in all other regards. Misery loves company and gender dysphoria is rarely 'just' gender dysphoria. It impacts other aspects of a person; how they function socially, their self-esteem, their emotional stability, etc.
    Jasper would, for all intents and purposes, be an average soldier. A transgender person is more likely to be emotionally volatile and unstable, due to their dysphoria. Jenny who was born with a peepee would handle a stressful situation worse than Jasper. Same for Peter who was born with the pusspuss. Because they already have that extra mental burden that they carry with them.

    Imagine a glass. Jasper's or your average Joe's is about a third full, while Peter's and Jenny's at the best of times are around half full. It takes less for their cup to overflow. That is a liability. As with all things, people are individuals, and so I do disagree with a blanket ban. Some will have had better support in their network and or be more resilient by nature. But the average transgender person, in my experience, would fare worse than the average homosexual or cisgender person in a stressful environment, simply because the transgender person will have more things to toil with.