Political Throwdown (part 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pacifist, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Pacifist

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    Sup! Let's continue from where we left off in "trump 2020".

    Couple NO-NO's:
    -Abortion is off the table. It just gets people fired up and is more of a moral issue.
    -Don't be an asshole, and try to keep your cool.
    -We are not going to discuss eugenics or any other pseudoscience meant to prove that black people are inferior to white people. I swear to god if you bring up cultures i'm going to rate you dumb.
    -We are also going to avoid ethnostates as that is the quickest way for this conversation to turn into a boiling hell hole of antisemitism and anti-black people. If you are a "brown man bad" then you best keep it to yourself.

    ^If you bring up any of these things then we reserve the right to call you a mongoloid^

    Topics up for debate:
    -Trump's Presidency
    -Possible Democratic nominees
    -2020 Election in general
    -Whatever the fuck is going on in Europe right now
    -Trump's border wall (illegal immigrants)
    -Trans people serving in the military
    -Climate Change (even though it isn't really a political issue, people have made it one)
    -Feminism in popular culture
    -Gun control in America
    -General opinions about specific politicians
    -Capitalism vs Socialism

    -Anything else, but if you introduce a new topic please provide some kind of context surrounding the topic!


    I'll start I guess:

    I really like her and hope she gets the nomination (if not Bernie sanders). I guess I like her anti-corporate stance and how actively she is trying to combat evil corporations. As far as the native american thing I just don't care. Not too interesting in identity politics anyways. Though it is disgraceful that President Trump has mocked Elizabeth Warren using a trail of tears joke.

    I'm just hoping a progressive gets the nominee I guess.
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  2. Trump bad guys
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  3. Frost

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    And the fire will soon rage, oof
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  4. Lordyhgm

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    I suppose your opinion on trump depends on both what you look for in a leader and what you want from them; the two needn't be related, but from across the ocean I feel this is the greatest problem in arguments I've seen about it.
    A person may agree with Trump's approach to immigration but feel they cannot justify being associated with a president who also makes inflammatory comments regarding women or discriminates against people based on sexual orientation.

    Idk, not my argument to have, but there's my 2 pence and let's keep this civil <3
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  5. TrinityBlade ⚔️

    TrinityBlade ⚔️ They question the king upon leaving. VIP

    Something that I saw in the previous thread, brought up by @Glyph a couple times was Trans in the military. As someone who doesn't really care about anything political, I'll just like to get rid of a few certain misconceptions about this.

    Firstly, the whole cost argument and the fact that the US government spends more money on Viagra medication. So Viagra is actually a medicine, and isn't just used to treat erectile dysfunction, it's actual medical name is Sildenafil and is used to treat Pulmonary arterial hypertension. The Viagra actually used for erectile dysfunction isn't actually sent out to the military, most of it is sent to Veterans who used to serve in the military, their families and other groups eligible. The reason that the government pays for this is due to erectile dysfunction being caused from PTSD and other mental issues. The total amount of money spent on this only adds up to a couple fighter jets.

    The actual reason for the Transgender military ban was due to unit coherence and the belief that it is a mental illness (Gender Dysphoria). I won't comment on my opinion on this, as it isn't needed and I'm not someone who shares my opinion an awful lot. Ya'll know about the mental illness side of things but not the unit coherence part so I'll only talk about that part. Do Transgenders get bullied and ostracised a lot? Of course. Is that any different in the Military? Yes, Of Course. Is it better or worse in the military? It's worse. And that's the problem.

    There's a thing called Utilitarianism which is an ethical theory which attempts to maximise utility. It pitches good against bad and sees the overall maximum good outcome. It's better to get rid of Trans people from the military to maximise the strength of the military. Not the Trans people's fault, but the military individuals who ostracise them. Overall it's the most efficient thing to do, statistically, and that's why it was done and will remain that way until there is a more PC friendly President and Government.

    P.S I attempted to make this in a neutral manner, nothing here is my opinion, just facts :eek:k_hand:
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  6. Python~

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    Just wanted to make this point: The shutdown and/or any subsequent shutdowns do not have anything to do with Democrats. It is the President's decision and his alone. Just because he doesn't get what he wants from Democrats doesn't mean the Dems "caused" the shutdown. Any dislike towards the shutdown(s) should be dislike to Trump
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  7. MemeDaddy

    MemeDaddy VIP

    Trump controls the narrative.
    Muller is trying to save himself because of uranium 1.
    Everything will be declassified after muller gives his report. (He found nothing)
    The FBI busting people left and right for lying to them and the following public support and acceptance will come back to fuck over HRC, comey, and the rest of the Crooks.
    Justice Ginsberg will be replaced soon.
    Central bank system, IMF, will fall apart soon and be replaced.
    Patriots in control.

    I predict 30 days till Mullers report
    45 till hubers
    60 till harriets
    90 till declassification
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  8. Sticky Bandit

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    I agree, which is why Highwon cancelled the shutdown. He had to take back power from Mr. Trump to control his server again!
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  9. Frost

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    Robert Kraft for president
    bill bilichick for vice
    Tom Brady is uh secretary of something
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  10. Iuna

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  11. Siddo

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    i'm gonna say the n word
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    Do it nigga
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  13. MemeDaddy

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    No balls
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  14. politic gay
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    Politi-gay xd
  16. Robyn

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    Memelord gay
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  17. okay guys this epic
  18. no its not
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  19. Dani

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    Is gender dysphoria a mental illness in the US? Like, I'm not asking for anyone's opinion here, but is it officially categorized as an illness? Here in Austria, the public health insurance companies were gonna cover the costs of sex changes, but then they didn't because transsexual people complained about how this would mean that it is an illness. Is it categorized as one and is it offensive to call it an illness?
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