Please post here if you do not want PVP in claims.

Discussion in 'Archived Minecraft Discussion' started by Kemal, Jan 31, 2017.

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  1. Kemal

    Kemal VIP Emerald

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  2. Panda With a Gun

    Panda With a Gun CHINA NUMBA ONE Administrator VIP Emerald

    I don't want it.
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  3. Zikeji

    Zikeji Repoleved VIP Emerald

    Seeing as PVP on claims only allows PVP, not chest access or anything (which I'm not asking for), PVP on claims it basically just promoting griefing & harassment. Killing someone on their claim over and over again with the ransom of /trusting them. For example.

    The only legitimate uses PVP on claims seems to have is allowing a player to get your head and allowing a player to get your player inventory. Nothing else. The tradeoff is just too great.
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  4. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    The problem is people would come onto my land and not leave because they were protected, if you don't like it, simply stay in your house, Sorry to say, but I dont think they're gonna change this.
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  5. Emtech2

    Emtech2 The worst ones always live VIP Silver Emerald

    I think there either needs to be no pvp in the claim or some way to raid/steal from them if you get in their base.
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  6. Tinbuster00

    Tinbuster00 See you on the forums! VIP Silver Emerald

    Lava buckets get em out real quick
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  7. Yatty ☄️

    Yatty ☄️ Yatt'em VIP Silver

    It's not that I don't like pvp. I just wish it was both regulated and the griefing rule would be a bit more defined than it is right now.

    What I mean by regulated is that people that don't necessarily want to pvp not have to be forced into pvp.
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  8. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    tbh I have not played untill the pvp in claim changed and I probably won't. I just want to build farms, medieval houses, wizard towers, dwarf bases and stuff. I care not for pvp.
  9. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    Why not have it for claim owners to enable/disable PvP? Then those who like PvP can have it on their own claimed lands, but if someone decides to spawn camp them they can disable PvP
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  10. AlCo owns

    AlCo owns The one and only VIP Emerald

    I live underground and yet someone still gets through my claim and kills me while farming. I want it turned off
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  11. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    That is considered abuse.
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  12. -tyler

    -tyler My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    hate pvp on claims, never been killed but, not gonna stand here and wait for it to happen. If people want to pvp let em, but people who don't should be protected in their own area/claim. People like building and others can easily ruin that.
  13. S.Bradley

    S.Bradley VIP Iron

    As I see It PVP in claims Should Not be Possible Or id Possible the owner can activate/deactivate PVP within their claims
  14. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    Wasnt there a command to banish people from your claim? Your problem pales in comparison to people that, for example, lost days of work because they were ambushed inside their own walls, or before they could spawn, or even while building defenses.
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  15. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    You're solution is to "Sit in a corner and stay quite. So what if people are constantly killing you and stealing your things. The only possible way to play the game is to not play the game at all unless you are good at PVP and have end-game gear'
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  16. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    If possible, why not have a code where a player can have a "safe spawn" that lasts for 10 minutes after being killed by another player?

    This would allow a slight advantage to the person on their claim and give the other players enough time where they'd most likely give up. However, an attack on another player would disable their safe spawn and make them vulnerable.

    Or code a dueling system similar to games like Borderlands where an attack from both sides engages a vulnerability period on the claim where both players can be killed. If neither side accepts, then no battle begins.

    Or, it could be coded so that the claim owner has the option to initiate PVP without an agreement from the non-trusted person while the non-trusted person must get a go-ahead from the claim owner.

    The last two mechanics would allow for only a 5-10 second window for a battle to be initiated; mitigating someone accessing a crate to gather battle supplies.
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  17. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    This is an amazing idea.

    Also helps with spawnkilling.

    However, I would say if this user in "safe spawn" mode attacks another user they would lose their safe spawn abilities, maybe not do any damage after swinging at another player as that would be unfair if they damaged the player, and we're game.

    Im for any of these.
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  18. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    I forgot to mention that. An attack on another player would disable their safe spawn and make them vulnerable.
  19. Zikeji

    Zikeji Repoleved VIP Emerald

    Another thought: People have expressed that enable/disable PVP on claims by the claim owner could be abused (this was expressed on other threads) and a timeout (like RTP) was suggested. However, instead of a timeout why not have a delay before the change occurs? To enable PVP on your claim you must wait 5 minutes after executing the command, and vice-versa. While it announces to everyone on the command that the action was taken?
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  20. Zack

    Zack Shepherd of Fire VIP

    Seems pointless, as most of us would just be permanently disabling PvP on our claims out of the gate and the cooldown would have had no real meaning in the first place.
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