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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Peter, Jun 11, 2019 at 10:37 PM.

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  1. Peter

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    In the very beginning of the round I misclicked and dropped a grenade at spawn. 3 people including myself died and I was later karma banned. 1 person out of that bunch reported me.

    After the hour I attempt to rejoin and learn I was banned by the server for 5 days for "Mass RDM (4+)", even though I only killed 3 people.

    But yeah it was an accident and I'm not a mass RDMer so I feel I should be unbanned. The last time I was banned here was around 6 years ago.​
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  2. Nathan776

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    Tagging @Sticky Bandit . Please allow some time for him to collect his Evidence.
  3. .shirt

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    I was on at that time this happened, it was an accident that happened literally not two seconds into the round. And as for the reason it was 4+ is because you killed 3 ppl but you also damaged others. Damaging = rdm im sure you know this.
  4. Sticky Bandit

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    I figured you would appeal when you found out you were banned :p

    I'll happily accept this seeing as it was an accident. It will not be voided, because you did Mass RDM (accidental RDM is still RDM), but I see no point in making you serve a full ban.

    Also, you did RDM 7 people with that nade. You may have only killed a few, but damaging people still counts as RDM.

    I'm not going to fully unban you because of this, as it wouldn't be fair to the people who you damaged/killed.

    Here's what's gonna happen:
    You killed 3 people, on accident. Oops, but I'm gonna keep you banned for one day as punishment for that.
    You damaged 4 more people, on accident. Not as bad as a kill, although you probably ruined those peoples rounds. For that, you will face 4 slays.

    I am adjusting your ban such that you are unbanned one day from the time of your original ban. Basically, it'll be like a Mass RDM 3 ban. Then, you'll find a bunch of slays on your steamid when you next log into East.
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