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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by peniled, Sep 16, 2020.

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  1. peniled

    peniled Member

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    Why you should be unbanned:
    There was a group of people huddled in a circle. Someone planted a c4 then we defused it, at which point I planted it back after the 3rd disarm and someone failed disarming it killing 5 people participating.

    They were calling it C4 roulette.

    The console banned me for low karma then I seen in the forums it was a 5 day ban.

    Haven't been banned since like 2015 when I didn't care.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    Maybe someone recorded it but you can pm any of the people I killed and ask them if it was an rdm​
  2. Lunar

    Lunar 8:00PM VIP Silver

    Might get another warning point but please don't. C4 Roulette is a unofficial game made by members of the server. The game ends when the C4 explodes. The result of the game ending almost always ends as Mass RDM. You killed im guessing 5 or more people which lead to your ban. If you need anything else, read the rules and just use common sense my guy
  3. peniled

    peniled Member

    I love the explanation of that. Yes that's the game, all were willing participants and were told to stay away from the area. I got the short end of the stick when they disarmed it and failed.
  4. Wojack

    Wojack Her king :3 VIP

    Hi, you were banned by @Lovisa for mass rdm 1st, but I was the one who asked her to ban you since you did commit mass RDM with the c4. I will be posting the evidence tomorrow after class, but I will leave the final verdict on your ban to Lovisa.

    EDIT: I asked her to ban because my menu was bugging at the time.
  5. peniled

    peniled Member

    I mean I did plant it. But I didn't tell all those people to huddle around it and defuse it. It technially still RDM. But not RANDOM R random M mass K killing. I don't think I deserve a 5 day ban if everyone around it WANTED to be part of the game. For anything find like 1 person who was a by stander and nail me for the RDM of that one person.

    To clarify, everyone around it was part of the game and didn't report me, there may have been 1 person who passed by but then it would be just rdm not mass.
  6. peniled

    peniled Member

    Before anyone comments. Yes i was banned before, YEARS ago. To my knowledge this was a server I thought I was clean on. I was like 15 at the time.
  7. Wojack

    Wojack Her king :3 VIP

    Okay so actually I'm not going to sleep quite yet so I'll just post my screenshot of the logs here.


    So in here we see that, you are absolutely correct; you killed 5 people. My apologies for the screenshot being blurry. We also see another two people getting damaged after this at the bottom of the screenshot (though it was a smaller amount of damage). I leave the rest of the response to Lovisa.

    Another edit: Since I'm done with my piece in here, if you have any questions now (though I am going to sleep soon) or after the verdict is given, you may feel free to contact me via PMs here or on Discord @ Klutch98#5479
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  8. peniled

    peniled Member

    Yeah as far as I know, all the people in the c4 huddle were part of it and didn't report me.

    I'm not sure if someone giving you permission to kill them counts as rdm.

    I assumed no one else would take damage since c4 defuse fail has a smaller radius than a full blast. The important part here is to clarify IF playing that game constitutes MASS RDM. Is there a rule saying you can't kill innocents even when given permission by themselves unless you are a t?

    Like " Hey if you all wanna die stand in this bridge were about to collapse right now *hits bridge and everyone dies*. As an analogy or in my case "Hey were doing a C4 roullete if you wanna participate come to this section of the map and huddle around it"

    I also want to add that the other player that was damaged was the T who originally planted the C4 unless you mean te >10 damage players at the bottom
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  9. audrey

    audrey batty VIP

    going to butt in here. under the basic definition of RDM:
    read that last line! it's not even hidden in the extended rules or anything.

    also, just as an aside, i don't believe the C4's range is shorter if it is disarmed improperly. not sure where you got that info.

    and hell, if you wanna' play c4 roulette, just get a traitor in on it and arm the c4 and do it that way. that'll never be rdm.
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  10. Fear☠

    Fear☠ The Dark Lord VIP

    Staff can punish people for unreported damage if they see the need to.

    C4 roulette is not an excuse to break the rules, no matter if one or all paticipants forgive you/doesn't report you. :coffee:
  11. Lovisa

    Lovisa His queen :3 VIP

    Hi so i banned you for mass rdm since Klutch was having trouble with his menu, as you should know c4 roulette is not a game mode on this server, and any kills from a c4 that an innocent places is considered rdm. As you said the participants were willing, as it is stated in the rules even if somebody wants/asks you to rdm them, it is still rdm.
    Staff can take action on damage, especially if it is mass. Even if the players chose to forgive/not report you. But since you were karma quickly after the kills, it gave no chance for players to report you.
    During the time you played on the server i said in chat and voice chat that arming a c4 as innocent is not allowed. As i said here even though i had warned players that arming a c4 can result in a ban, which i don't have to warn for in the first place as you should be familiar with the rules, you then went and armed a c4 as an innocent resulting in the kills which @Klutch has the evidence for.

    Seeing as this is not your first offence of this nature and it is only a 5 day local ban, i will not be accepting this appeal. Feel free to play on our other servers during your 5 days that you are banned from east. Klutch and my discord are available if you want to talk further about the rules regarding mass rdm if you need be. :)

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