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  1. Hello there, welcome to my thread.

    Now I will introduce PaymentWall.
    Paymentwall Inc. is a San Francisco-based international payments platform that allows both private individuals and businesses to sell goods and services over the Internet - Wikipedia

    What I do know about PaymentWall is useful and great to use though.
    Pay by Mobile, or (I used this alot) [this is where I buy minecraft on]

    Question: Are we gonna have another payment featured in the store.
    I mean. - like other communities like used this feature to buy perks points and ranks just like that. and I can say is supported in the PH so if you can have this I highly recommend it. seriously over 200 countries used this payment 150 local payment options to pay products and etc.

    Now in the Philippines, users used Mobile payment for about 42%; Credit Card users - 32%
    and 16% - Bank Transfer. Others 1% - prepaid cards and 9% - E-Wallets

    There's over 11 threads about some payments to help though but this is where I can find a solution as possible with some research.

    Check out payment methods:

    SGM Community does not accept refunds. So choose wisely.

    now. i don't want to talk about this I check out other communities like hypixel but I checked out their stores and they have that payment though so yeah. just to know I made this to make it useful sorry to say it that's all.

    now i find it people don't take the answer too seriously to please. don't ok?
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  2. ink

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    This is more of a suggestion than a question, but it seems extremely unlikely that SGM will use anything other than paypal for payment from ranks in the future. You can ask @Highwon for the final answer. Payment wall requires that we set-up our own UI and page to use their API, so paypal innately seems a more trustworthy payment option to probably a lot of people because of how consumer friendly it is, their reputation and the fact that you just use completely their website to pay, and know and track all merchant info from there. Also to note is that paymentwall's option to pay with a mobile payment or local payment takes up 5% minimum and goes up to 20% depending on the country or method because they have to pay to everyone involved in that transfer, so it's not as bubbly and awesome like you make it out to be. Regardless though, final answer is up to Highwon.
  3. Edit: Alright, its okay to me if they have extra fees for sure. But if I have enough balance/points (MOL Points) I could used alternative ones to buy a rank.

    Now for me PayPal. I don't hate it. but I used that "other" payment since before though so yeah.
    I'm 15. I don't have anything to do with PayPal for somehow. It's like a credit card. like there's no other mobile option to it which is unfair and there's another Payment where they use PayPal at all which is called "SkinWallet"
    I'm not mad with it. I understand your answer and I'm okay with it.
    I don't know if this website has some taxes or some shit but for that, it can work though.

    Edit: Oh. sorry about that. It could be the suggestion or a question but for somehow.
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    This is just as bad as asking for an internet currency payment option.
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