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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by party dog, Sep 17, 2020.

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  1. party dog

    party dog New Member

    Your In Game Nickname:
    party dog
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Why you should be unbanned:
    I used 2 discombobulators to commit mass RDM on airships. 2 clicks of the mouse. With any other weapon, that's 2x RDM tops, and usually not even one RDM. I didn't have nearly as much time to process my decisions while in the act as many who would receive a much lesser RDM penalty, so it's greatly unfair to me. Yes, I climbed down a ladder and got another discombobulator to commit the same offense again and that took a while. Yes, I did this a third time, but was slain by a fast-acting staff member before I got the chance to throw a third discombobulator, but that's beside the point. RDMing with a discombobulator is also funny, unlike regular RDM. On these grounds, I feel it fair and just not that I have my ban removed, but reduced from the excessive 5 days that was handed out to me. I'm sure the one person I sent flying off the top of an airship that private messaged me to let me know how funny he thought what I did was would agree.

    I was also karmabanned before I got a chance to answer reports and thus denied my chance to explain myself. I think this highly unfair.

    Last, as the NFL has reduced the minimum stay on IR to 3 weeks because of COVID, I feel Serious TTT too should offer leniency to non-belligerent offenders that may be deprived of their usual alternatives for social interaction due to health concerns.

    I kindly thank everyone who reads this for their concern and hope you all remember to emphasize self-care to the best of their abilities in these emotionally and physiologically difficult times.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    I don't remember which staff member handled the reports (I would have if I wasn't karmabanned), but I remember Savannah Banana was on when all this happened, and probably paying enough attention to confirm she witnessed a story consistent with mine.[​IMG]
  2. j3kawesome

    j3kawesome "mestimate" - Indy226 Administrator VIP Silver

    You were banned by @firemac for Mass RDM, please be patient while they respond

    Also for future reference your SteamID is STEAM_0:0:65883840
  3. party dog

    party dog New Member

    I couldn't retrieve that version of my steam ID through the site Serious TTT recommended so I just assumed it was the only one I could. And firemac sounds familiar, thanks for the reply!
  4. firemac

    firemac Mac N Cheese VIP Silver

    I have seen this and will respond soon.
  5. firemac

    firemac Mac N Cheese VIP Silver

    Hello @party dog lets get into this.

    I banned you you for Mass RDM for throwing a discomb and killing 5 players as an inno:-
    Here's the deathscene showing you cooking the nade before anything happened:-
    You yourself are admitting you did this on purpose to Mass RDM and you say that with any other weapon it would be 2 RDMs tops, however as you saw a discomb affects more than one person at a time.
    You knew exactly that this would happen, you had plenty of time in pre-round to decide how this would happen, and the punishment wouldn't be less for anyone else.
    You say how you were going to do this again if I hadn't slayed you since you alreayd RDMed 5 people, which is self-admittance to attempting to RDM if I hadn't stepped in.
    Even if you think it's fun to RDM with a discomb, the people who got rdmed don't really think so. The 'one' person you discomb'd of the map was more than that as I already stated.
    These reports against you show you that they don't think it's funny:-

    I'll be going ahead and DENYING this appeal since as I already stated, you did this on purpose to Mass RDM and would've RDMed even more if I never slayed you. In the meantime feel free to play any of our other servers.

    Appeal: Denied.
    Thread: Locked.
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