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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Carned, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Steven

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    I don't really play in the community much but I always used to post my progress in Overwatch here. Due to the fact I achieved my highest ever rank in normal comp I thought i would post it. So currently I am rank 4134 sr on my account called Grazed and my other account called Steven has peaked 3951sr but is currently 3914sr My overall world rank is 5.3k which in general isn't to bad.
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  2. Elvis

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    Ill be honest I stopped playing comp bc I was getting close to bronze. I play all the time I’m just ass with dps and that’s all I play. I’m not complete ass Ive just not put in the time to actually get a decent aim. My games with hit scan hero’s usually end with 50% accuracy.

    I tried heals for a like 2 weeks and it was just as ass cause I have no idea where to be in a team fight especially as mercy. the other team just sees a mercy flying into their team and it’s a free kill.

    I don’t like tanks cause I like to contribute to a fight and get hella kills and play of the game but like wtf I got a hamster that rolls around a dude with a hook and a couple shield guys like tf am I gonna do with this. Yeah I might get like a 2k but that’s it my dps is much better than my tanks and that’s saying something bad.

    (Edit) I haven’t gotten the mechanical part of aiming down yet. When I go to aim at a dude I still can’t put it at exactly where I want it to. I’ve honestly like on god put at least 100 hours into aim maps tryin to improve my aim but I really couldn’t get that down. I have looked up videos on how to better or aim and all they tell me is practice makes perfect but bro 100 hours is a long time of literally just *stop aim shoot* *moves 3 steps to the left for the next bot* *stop aim shoot* and again and again and again. I don’t know why but I guess I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. It felt like I was doing the same thing every time on a cycle.

    If anyone has better advice to give please do
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    Goddamn I couldnt specifiy/explain myself to someone why I stopped playing the game in words, but you just nailed it on middle of target. I had problems exactly like you, and the more heroes were released slowly, the more you had to think about your strategy, because litteraly every hero can fuck you up. Not only that, the one of the problems I had in the game is widowmaker. The heads, for me, are small like shooting with sniper on a peanut that was middair. Thos for enemy widowmakers, they dont have problems if they want hit target, while target just moving how fast or slow, how acrobatic or not moving, its just always they hit me. I couldnt.

    Second thing, too, when I was mercy, I couldnt for myself shit help my teammates effectively. Like, you go to teammate that ask for health. What could go wrong? Well, everything. Expected or unexpected, it will happen. A sniper can shoot you while you are in safe zone from close combat enemies, a stupid sombra can pop up and you are "well time to die I guess, no teammate to fly to" and anything. So I intentionally left my teammates die if they went to danger area that I could die.

    Well guess what, I still lose even if I choose/pick my teammates to heal during some situations, because the game doesnt depend only on healer, but also on others. If others fucks up while you heal them all just fine that they dont rant on u, you still can lose.

    So I tried to be tank (or offense/attack char. if there were already picked up tanks) and I kid you not, I cant hit shit. Just like widowmaker, I hit a little more, but I cant kill the target on myself. So if I would go solider vs soldier, while me having full hp and enemy half or less, he still can kill me without using his ult.

    And I generally hate genji because dpi mouse settings exist.