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Sticky Overwatch

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Carned, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Elvis

    Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT MVP

    When I was placed I had played one more game and lost it, bringing my sr down to 1722. I stopped playing in fear of getting bronze and solo queued a game today. I found THE BEST 6 stack ever. We played 7-8 games and I got to 1928 sr.

    And I wasn’t even carried. Got 20-30 Elims a game
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  2. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    I just thought this was funny.

    So a co-worker of mine bought 100 loot boxes (80$) and only got 6 of the new legendary skins, and he had to buy 2 of them with points

    I bought half that, 50 loot boxes (40$) and got all 8 of them, I didn't buy any of them with points.

    My coworker got dicked on by blizzard lmao
  3. NeverLackin

    NeverLackin Put the animal crackers in the bag Moderator VIP

    This is why you don't but loot boxes. They're a cheep way for a company to get money. XD
    Also im in diamond on PC and almost hit GM on xbox. If you want someone to play with, invite me. My blizzard name is: YaBoiBaku
  4. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    But its how Blizzard funds its free updates, I don't mind
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  5. NeverLackin

    NeverLackin Put the animal crackers in the bag Moderator VIP

    Just a personal opinion. I guess blizzard does do really good things with the game. Maybe its just the other games that have loot boxes that make me think loot boxes are a bad thing.
  6. DorkWoof

    DorkWoof VIP

    i thought it being a grossing game for 2016 was how they funded updates
  7. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    Why would they bother making more content if the game didn't have a way to continually make money?
  8. DorkWoof

    DorkWoof VIP

    id understand that argument if it was a free game like fortnite or tf2

    but straight up $40 for the game

    but still

    the legendary cosmetics are locked behind an rng wall

    they make a shizzle dizzle ton of money from people buying the actual game itself already
  9. Robokiller87

    Robokiller87 Animeme lord Banned VIP Silver Emerald

    Here's the thing if you play enough you dont ever have to buy lootboxes you'll just get all the content + credits to buy what you're missing by the end of the event

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  10. PanzerShrimp

    PanzerShrimp Best Member VIP+ Bronze

  11. DorkWoof

    DorkWoof VIP

    thats a lot of playtime

    what if ur luck is so bad you dont get any legendaries and the credits you do get is only 300 :oo:
  12. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    lulwat you know how much fucking money blizz makes off OWL and Contenders viewership and sponsorship?
    but ye, its still appreciated to get free regular events. Not many companies do that these days
    Still, lootboxes are a joke and a good way to waste your cash
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  13. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    I'm not talking about the events, because lets be real here, those are the real cash grabs. Events exist pretty much only to sell loot boxes with skins only available for a limited time.

    I'm more talking about New maps, New heroes, and non-skin related event content.
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  14. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    I pretty much only play Paladins and R6 now but free comp points are ez also highest rank ever is in 6v6 lel

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  15. DorkWoof

    DorkWoof VIP

  16. Saturnity

    Saturnity Trial Moderator VIP

    Those are the new weapons ;) The "Shadow" weapons. Lmao

    On a second note, the loot boxes are awful seeming. Haven't gotten anything decent, I keep getting sprays and icons and its so annoying.
  17. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    I think im gonna pretty much start playing supports again cause rn my zen and lucio have each a 65%+ wr lul

    Anybody wanna stack next season hmu Kyül#1959 I play literally anything well but have very bad luck in solo q. Mid diamond range :)
  18. Steven

    Steven VIP Silver

    Just played 6 v 6 ranked and placed 3402 lol it is honestly the most shittiest game mode I have ever played. I am a 3.9k player getting either t500 games or random golds on my team
  19. TomCat™

    TomCat™ MVP Emerald Bronze

    Got completely lucky, but I wanted to share this (Done on Ps4)
  20. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald


    Was playing with @irritatingness when we found the best spray combo in the game.
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