Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Indy226, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    Basically fishing, hunting, pioneering

    u get the jist
  2. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

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  3. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

    Me? Going outside?

    Good joke
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  4. Does driving count
  5. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    Ima get picture soon
  6. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    I cant go outside yet, it's still too toasty
  7. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

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  8. danstorm

    danstorm Caaaaaaaarl, that kills people! Moderator VIP

    Going outside?

    Wait a minute! That's... ILLEGAL
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  9. AndrewB

    AndrewB VIP

    Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer
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  10. Logan.

    Logan. Greatest admin alive ever VIP Silver

    Running, Hunting, Fishing
  11. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    does your state even have a lake?
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  12. Logan.

    Logan. Greatest admin alive ever VIP Silver

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  13. cynder

    cynder ice queen VIP

    bruh I love going outside. I like biking, fishing, swimming, and just walking or running around. I really like to explore, especially abandoned buildings or dense woods. I like climbing trees, too. Having fires is also really nice, especially out deep in the woods. I have my own designated fire spot, it's a rockpile from an old old farm that's long gone. My boyfriend and I made a pit in it and put down an old metal sign and just started having fires in it. Lastly, this is probably really obvious now, but I love camping, too.
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  14. Sable

    Sable Keepin it chill VIP

    Longboarding is the move, 100%. Also sports - soccer, hockey, basketball, football, baseball, frisbee, ctf - always good fun.
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  15. RyanHymenman

    RyanHymenman Conscript the women and kids Administrator VIP Silver

    Canoeing, Climbing, Camping
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  16. Twitch.youtube.com.ttv/AAAAAAA911

    Twitch.youtube.com.ttv/AAAAAAA911 Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Tennis and biking are 2 things i do outside
  17. Lovisa

    Lovisa His queen :3 VIP

    I like going outside to collect my online shopping packages
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  18. Pokeben10

    Pokeben10 tell me pretty lies Moderator VIP Silver

    I've been running in the morning lately. Saw this mouse on the road.

  19. Lovisa

    Lovisa His queen :3 VIP

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  20. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    We gotta meet up some place. Now that I know you live less than 100 mi from me.