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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Rei, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. rip all those slider ends hahahah
    but you're really good at those short slider stuffs :( i just slider break like mad on those

    also i misread a few times trying to follow your cursor, safe to say im no longer capable of nomod reading LMAO

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  2. sam.

    sam. Legendary

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  3. sam.

    sam. Legendary

    account is hacked and it wont give me the email to reset password. going to email them and see if they can lock my account ti'll they fix it

    update: got account back with pass reset just waiting to get to plays removed.
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  4. Azaelus

    Azaelus めんどくさい Moderator VIP Silver Emerald

    No fucking wonder you went from 1.4k to 1.66k in 1 day. Holy crap. Overtook me also

    Anyways, sharing this. My favorite jump map of all time. Haven't FCed it yet, but my acc is where i need it to be.

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  5. sam.

    sam. Legendary

    i'll go back down to 1.5k once they remove the top plays.
  6. [​IMG]
    New UR PB!
    TBF though it's a huge farm map with very simple rhythm patterns. 206pp.
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  7. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP+

    HD rebalance update

    [​IMG] -> [​IMG]

    EZ Clap
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  8. 26k -> 23.9k for me
    Lost 34pp but gained 0.3%acc or so so im happy
  9. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP+

    They also removed inactive accounts from the leaderboards so it's not entirely because of the HD rebalance
  10. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

    ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.) Warehouse 13 Next Generation VIP

    Damn...i should probably play again then...
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  11. [​IMG]

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  12. Azaelus

    Azaelus めんどくさい Moderator VIP Silver Emerald

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  13. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP+

    btw I've not been playing at all recently cuz my keypad is having some struggles (look here for example: https://streamable.com/baq0d )

    The guy who made it said he was gonna send me a new one free of charge but it's gonna take a while cuz shipped from US
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  14. oh my godddddddd that stuck M1 I'd be so pissed


    94% on OD9 140bpm, really happy I finally got the S rank on this, especially with mistimed offset(very visible at 1:03). 120 UR too. Shame there aren't really any farmable 140bpm maps.

    150 bpm is next on my list, but who knows how long that'll take.
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  15. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP+

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Okay the addiction is too strong and I've been getting a lil used to my red switches keyboard while waiting for the keypad. This song is so nice and I was really surprised with the acc. Would've been new #3 best perfomance without the stupid miss.

    I don't know if it's a getting used to thing or if my keyboard has input lag, but I have a bad habit of hitting late with this, which is kinda annoying.
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  16. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP+

    nvm I can stop worrying about the keyboard cuz my keypad just arrived EZ Clap
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  17. Something different today

    0:22 feelsgud
    my reading on this mode is complete GARBAGE
    Last edited: May 19, 2018 at 8:36 AM
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  18. Azaelus

    Azaelus めんどくさい Moderator VIP Silver Emerald



    Last edited: May 19, 2018 at 8:33 PM
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  19. isn't that an fc why are you upset

    This guy came dangerously close to my score on the One Room Anthology and I'm pretty scared
  20. Azaelus

    Azaelus めんどくさい Moderator VIP Silver Emerald

    if i had just held the key down for 1 more nano second on those 4 sliders, I would have 100%
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